Top 10 Best Lingerie Brands In The World 2017

Expensive bras have always been in people’s minds. It all depends on the cost of the lingerie that a girl puts on. Some of the expensive lingerie is made from the finest fabrics and soft cloth material that can feel so light and sexy on the curves of the body. Each brand of lingerie has its own special style and fashion which cannot be beaten by the other brands. The best thing about costly lingerie is that they provide the feature of custom made tailor fittings so that it fits you easily and you can flaunt your body to the greatest level. Some of the designers are known to provide only limited number of lingerie and they produce very less during the entire year.

In this way, the best brands of lingerie are listed as under:

10. Faire Frou Frou

The literal meaning of the French brand is to show off and this lingerie is so stylish and sexy that you would be showing off your body by wearing this brand. This brand is made for those women who love to appreciate something fantastic are their lives and they love to be the centre of attraction. The brand was founded in the year 2005 and since then, it also provides the facility of online delivery. The lingerie costs $ 100.

9. Fox and Rose

Fox and Rose

Fox and Rose brand of lingerie was designed by two famous designers who wanted to reveal the bold and brighter side of a woman and so, they designed this bright coloured lingerie which can make a woman look elegant. This is that type of lingerie that can fit to any moods and situations which makes them just the best. Fox and Rose lingerie is best to reveal the feminist and sophisticated side to a woman. One costs around $102.

8. Guia La Bruna

Guia La Bruna

This is an Italian brand made from the finest fabrics of Italy. The best part of this brand is that it plays with different colours and gives a vintage look to the lingerie. A fun and frisky side of a woman is revealed with this brand. It falls perfectly on the body and a woman gets into new life leaving behind the old styles. The cost is around $115.

7. Pleasurements


This brand of lingerie is more of erotic nature and it is sure to entice the erotic side to a woman. Each of the fabric used is special and unique making a woman feel better about her. This lingerie can be worn in the bedroom or one can show off in the public too. This brand is based in Amsterdam and one has the freedom to visit the shop to get the best of services. The price is estimated to be $144.

6. Fleur of England

Fleur of England

This brand is made from great quality fabrics which can easily fit into a woman’s body. The cut outs and the lace trims are sure to give a sensual feeling. This brand is known to provide sophisticated and exclusive work of art. Many celebrities like Katy Perry are seen wearing this lingerie. This costs around $182.

5. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

This brand is a luxury brand of lingerie which is next to the Victoria Secret model lingerie. This brand is more of a flirtatious and bold nature and is found in a wide range of colours and styles. It is made with specific measurements to fit in a woman’s body. This brand is a British Label and it has around 13 stores in the entire world. It is largest selling lingerie. The cost of one is around $250.

4. Bordelle


Bordelle is that brand of luxury lingerie which is designed in the type of bandage dresses and it is that type which is not romantic. By wearing this lingerie, a woman can feel more confident about herself. This brand is preferred in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, etc. and a woman can feel kinky wearing it. The price is around $280.

3. Myla


Myla is a brand based in London and now it is spread in the entire Europe. This brand is famous because of its simple yet sophisticated structures and styles. The colours are bold but the designs are also playful. This brand is sure to show different faces of feminism. This brand is very comfortable to wear and they provide support to make it easy. The cost is about $299.

2. Jean Yu

Jean Yu

Jean Yu is a brand that is designed in South Korea but then it got spread to different parts of the world. The best part of this brand is that it designs its silk line of lingerie which is soft to wear and it also feels smooth to touch. All of the designs and very clean and simple but one can also find a modern touch to it. The lingerie is all handmade and the silk chiffon pieces fit perfectly. Jean Yu costs $320.

1. Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson started her own line of lingerie which are made of silk and it has laces and cut outs designed in the most unique of ways. This brand focuses on the quality of the lingerie and the expertness with which it is made. The details are also finishing which is something worth looking forward to. It costs $5145.

These are the best brands of lingerie. Only the rich can get a feel of it!