Top 10 Best LED Bulbs Brands In The World 2017

Today, the traditional lighting source like the CFL or the incandescent bulbs are widely being replaced by the LEDs or the light-emitting diodes. These modern lighting forms are more durable, versatile, energy efficient, and environmental friendly than their traditional counterparts.

This has led to a cut- throat competition among some of the leading electrical and lighting companies to produce the best LEDs in the world. We find a wide range of LEDs today: In terms of price, versatility, smartness, and the usage of energy.

Here is my list of the top 10 LED brands:

10. G7 Power

The company has come up with G7 power incline which gives a warranty of 10 years, the bulb provides 360- degree lighting experience. It is highly energy efficient and is true value for money. The chip has a technology due to which the bulb does not flicker or flash. So, you can have complete control over the lighting options. The bulb is available at $10.90 on Amazon.

9. BeOn Home, Inc

The company offers great LED products, and mainly focuses on improving the home safety and security. Their range of home smart LED bulbs do offer great technologies, like some of its counterparts. They are dimmable, omnidirectional, and also have backup power. They have gone a long way as far as innovation is concerned as the LED bulbs even tend to learn your behavior, and when you are away on a vacation, the bulb will light up the home like you would have.

8. Green Creative

Known for its exquisite cloud design, the LED bulbs produced by the Silicon Valley giant manage heat better than any of the traditional bulbs. The bulbs emit smooth light and are omnidirectional.

Its particular product, BR30 Cloud Led has also been chosen for the progress report of Illuminating Engineering Society. Not only is it energy efficient, but it is also known to use 35% less material making it cost effective as well. It also weighs 60% lighter than the other bulbs produced by the company. You can buy the bulb at $9.62 on Amazon.

7. Feit Electric

With its inception since 1978, Feit Electric is known for its innovation in the LED bulb category. Feit has come up with a 13.5-watt led bulb considered to be one of the best in the category.

With an average lifespan of over 20 years, the Feit 13.5-Watt LED bulb is an extremely energy efficient bulb built with a technology which can tolerate any kind of vibration. It is certified by Energy Star, which alone is a proof of energy efficiency that the brand has to offer. It is currently priced at $11.99 on Amazon.

6. TCP

The company is well known for its energy efficient lighting, LED bulb and also fixtures. Their LED bulbs have been credited by energy star, an international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

The company has come up with “TCP Led 40W”, which Consumes 85% less energy than the traditional bulbs. The bulb can run a life of as long as 22.8 years, depending on the usage and guarantees a warm glow, which is evenly distributed in the room. For this bulb, TCP offers a warranty of around 3 years.

5. LIFX Original LED Bulb

LIFX or Live a more illuminated life is brand producing bulbs known for being not only energy efficient but also wi-fi enabled. These bulbs will give you a complete package of smart led bulbs comprising color, intensity, and variety. The bulbs are infused with the latest technology so much so that they can be connected to your smart app either through Bluetooth or wi-fi. They have a more than average life span too. With each bulb costing around $100, each penny is worth the buy!

4. GE BR30 LED

With its slogan “Imagination At Work,” the electronic giant has under GE Reveal introduced a wide variety of LED bulbs. These LEDs are extremely energy saving products and are available in bold, beautiful colors.

The most recent innovation is BR30 LED, available at $7.52 on Amazon. It has one of the best lifespans and is highly energy efficient.

3. Osram

A lighting manufacture giant, Osram Licht AG is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The wide range of products offered by the company includes LEDs, Laser Diodes, and other lighting management products. The company markets a whole variety of lighting products for homes, vehicles, and businesses.

The trending product of the company is the 60W replacement ultra LED, available for $9.64 on Amazon. It has omnidirectional lighting property and is extremely energy efficient.

2. Cree

It is a worldwide manufacturer of the best in class LEDs, and lighting products. Founded in 1987, most of the products by this company are made up of silicon carbide which guarantees the higher performance of the led bulbs. The company also provides a 10- year warranty period, and their LED bulb is made for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

Upgrade your light to the company’s recent award- winning Cree 9.5 watt LED bulb, which lasts longer and is energy efficient. The main advantage of this light is that this lights up the whole area and does not concentrate on just one direction. You can buy the bulb at $13.99 on Amazon.

1. Philips

With its headquarters in Amsterdam, Philips today is a household name when it comes to LED bulbs.  Founded by Gerard Philips in 1891, the company produces energy efficient light bulbs.

Its recent innovation in the field of LED bulb includes the LED 425264, which provides the benefit of omnidirectional light, which means that the light is spread out uniformly. An extremely energy efficient bulb, It is ideal for use in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The bulb is available at around $32 on Amazon.

With so many different varieties of LED bulbs available at your disposal, say goodbye to the age- old incandescent bulb at home, and embrace a LED of your choice!