Top 10 Best Knives Brands In The World 2017

Knives have evolved to a great extent since they were first used in the ancient era. Today knives are an integral part of a kitchen. They are often carried by the trekkers and travelers as well. At the same time knives are also used as a weapon which can be very lethal. The technology used in making knives have also changed to a great deal and today, the material used for making knives have also been modernized. The modern knife is really durable and the sharpness of the knife doesn’t wear off easily.

In this article, we have listed top 10 brands of knives which you should buy.

10. Rockstead


This brand is famous for its pocket knives and it has its own legacy in terms of the products that it offers. The products are usually well designed and most of the knives are crafted with delicacy. It is known that the production of these knives is really time consuming but that totally justifies the price. The blade of this knife is highly durable and it makes a perfect travel companion.

9. Dexter Russel 

Dexter Russell

This is a 120 year old brand and earlier, Dexter and Russel were different brands. The brand is highly popular among chefs and it is one of the most trusted brands used by Americans. With such a long history, the knives are made of high quality steel and owing to the popularity of these two brands, Dexter and Russel merged to form one company. This offered a technical advantage to both the companies in terms of technology used in forging these knives.

8. Buck Knife

Buck Knife

This is another century old brand which is famous across the world. The brand offers a lot of different pocket knives which are easy to carry. Buck knives also provide with a case which can be attached to the belt and which can be used to carry the knives safely. The knife has a unique self-locking mechanism which offers a lot of protection to the user and the brand also offers a lifetime warranty on its products.

7. Wusthof 


This German brand is famous for kitchen and chef knives. The brand is known for making a highly balanced knife and the products also have a nice grip which accelerates the speed of cooking. The brand offers products which are highly expensive but the quality of the knives are really great and the brand has also eliminated the need of sharpening the knives at short duration of time.

6. Henckels


The brand created its own personality by differentiating its products from other brands. All the knives made by these brands hastwins of the blade and that is how the brand is recognized. The knives of Henckels are manufactured in Spain and Solingen and the knives are so durable that they can easily last for the complete lifetime of the user.

5. Kershaw 


The best thing about the knives of this brand is that they are highly stylish. One of its knives is black hollow ground blade and knives look really futuristic. The blade is designed in such a way that the food doesn’t stick to the knife which is made by this brand. The brand makes affordable knives and at the same time, the length of these knives are short which helps in increasing the maneuverability.

4. Shun


This is a Japanese brand which has a habit of delivering high quality product. The main feature of this knife is that the knives are highly durable and they are so sharp that they are capable of making thin slices as well and the thin yet durable blade helps the user in making these thin slices.

3. ZHEN 

This is another Japanese brand and it seems like that the Japanese used the art of making swords while designing the knives that falls under this brand. The knives are not heavy at all and at the same time, the steel blade offers amazing performance. The knives of ZHEN comes in an elegant box which is mainly for storing the knife.

2. Opinel 


Opinel is around since 1890 and the brand created its position is this very segment with its table knives. The brand also offers a lot of different pocket knives and the products offered by the brand are durable and safe to use. The brand is still owned by the family and even today the family keeps the skills of making knives in their family only.

1. Victorinox 


This brand is popular across the globe and it is basically famous for its Swiss army knives. They are handy knives which have a combination of a lot of tools. The knives are available in different variety and at the same time, the knives are beautifully designed. As a matter of knives, Victorinox offers a lifetime warranty on its products. This can be measured as a metric for the quality of the knife that is provided by this popular brand.

Surely, the brand listed above can prove to be a little more expensive than the traditional local knife but then remember that you are paying for quality and durability in this case. These brands can be trusted blindly and the knives bought from these brands would ensure that you are not stranded in a jungle without a knife or you are not starving at your home because your knives broke while chopping vegetable.