Top 10 Best Cookware Brands In 2018 You Can Trust

Bobbing out your eyeballs, you watch as the butter cube melts in the pan. As the chopped onion comes in contact with it, it makes a crackling sound. Then the pan receives remaining vegetables, tiny scoops of spices and in a few minutes, the dish is ready. You feel overwhelmed as you see how easily the vegetables slide down from the pan without sticking at its surface. And then, the girl demonstrating the recipe goes off-air and you are back to where you’ve been cooking for years, in your same old kitchen.

We understand that cookery shows salivate your eyes with their glistening cutlery, super-fast cooking, mouth-watery-looking dishes and international cookware. Well, we don’t guarantee you mouth-watery-looking dishes or super-fast cooking, but we can definitely guarantee you the quality of cookware. What follows is a list of world’s top 10 best brands of cookware that are perhaps the best when it comes to quality cooking.

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10. Le Creuset

Le Creuset

If everyday cooking appears monotonous to you, give your kitchen a dash of colour. France based Le Creuset comes with astonishing varieties of cast iron cookware brush stroked in rich peppy hues like electric blue, dark orange and candy pink. Off-white enamelled coating gives their appliances a French touch. Major cookware produced by the brand includes sauce pans, tagines and of course their signature casseroles known as Dutch ovens.


9. Anolon


For all those tomato cheese sausages that don’t let you watch your favourite television show because you need to stir them after every few minutes, Anolon’s hard-anodized non-stick cookware is a big relief. Anolon is a creation of Meyer Corporation, the largest cookware distributor in United States. Its products are characterized by top quality aluminium, stainless steel and easy grip handles made in Santoprene and SureGrip® technologies.

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8. Circulon


A sister brand of Anolon, Circulon also comes under the umbrella of Meyer Corporation. Developed in 1984, this was the parent technology behind Anolon’s hard-anodized non-stick aluminium cookware. The only difference in Circulon cookware is the raised circular grooves at the appliance’s interiors. This was done in order to reduce the scratches on Teflon surface.


7. Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond is an extension of the research company HORT Coating Centre founded in late seventies in Switzerland. In its early years, it used titanium-based coating to harden the cookware surfaces. With time, researching on improving their coating led HORT to discover Swiss Diamonds. SD is a worldwide renowned brand that supplies non-stick cookware coated with diamond crystals. After all, diamonds are not just meant for your jewellery collection, what say ladies! Get some diamonds to your kitchen too.


6. Tefal


Teflon offers excellent non-sticking properties. Aluminium offers excellent conductivity. Combine the two and Tefal offers you the best of both worlds. Owned by SEB Groupe, the French cookware brand features a chain of non-stick cookware products that promises quality cooking without compromising on your kitchen décor. It is also the holder of UK based cookware brand Swan. All the more, it is perhaps the first company to discover a machine that can perform multiple kitchen functions, called as Tefal Cuisine Companion.


5. Wear Ever

Wear Ever

Carrying behind a beautiful story of a young inventor who discovered an aluminium smelting technique, WearEver nearly revolutionized the cookware industry. The brand finds home in 40% of America’s kitchens. WearEver’s supply chain includes non-stick cookware, bake ware, pans, cookie sheets, pots and aluminium appliances.


4. Calphalon


A child brand of Newell Rubbermaid, Calphalon is an elite manufacturer of gourmet cookware. Calphalon mainly utilizes a combination of two kinds of surfaces in their cookware, Slide and Sear. Each kind of surface exudes its qualities to create an overall exemplary appliance. While Slide non-stick surface provides particle releasing ability, Sear surface helps in preserving the flavour of the dish.


3. Cuisinart


What started as a business followed by invention of food processors is now world’s leader of cookware. Partnering with some of the world’s topmost chefs and culinary experts, Cuisinart is the name you’ll find in almost every kitchen. Apart from food processors, from a huge collection of kitchenware, few of their products are espresso makers, mixer-grinders, cookers and blenders.


2. Farberware


Farberware, actually synonymous with trust ware, was established in 1900 by Mr. Farber, a tinsmith back then. From a small shop selling metalwares, he moved on to create percolators, electric cookware and this is how Farberware was born. In addition to a large gallery of cookware items, the brand showcases its expertise in bake ware and kitchen accessories too. Some of these are roasters, teakettles, baking pans, cookie sheets and toasters.


1. All-Clad


All cladded things don’t remain clad from world’s eyes just like All-Clad. Some fine day in 1967 when metallurgist John Ulam was making a pan for him, he discovered he could create top scale cookware too. And this is how All-Clad was invented. Today the brand is a leading producer of bonded ovenware, kitchen accessories and kitchen tools. It employs its patented technology ‘round bonding’ in which multiple metals are sandwiched to form the utensil.


The bottom line is, stop watching TV and get some world-class cookware from some of the finest brands to your kitchen. And do share with us the recipe if you get to make that mouth-watery-looking dish! Just kidding, whatever you cook, do share your experience with us.