Top 10 Best Butter Brands In The World 2017

Do you love having a thick and delicious slice of butter that completely melts in your mouth? Butter can make every dish taste good and bring the craze more. Butter acts as a core ingredient in most of the dishes and butter can also be used for the purpose of decoration and making a dish look good. Butter is one of the favourite foods for children and they want butter with everything that they have. Butter makes a certain food item because more rich and smooth and the texture is changed with the addition of butter n the dishes. If the dish is boring, you can convert it into a delicious dish just with the taste of butter in it. Butter comes in many different flavours and you have to choose the healthiest and the better one from the lot.

The best brands of butter from which you can choose are listed as under:

10. Darigold butter

Darigold butter

The Darigold butter is prepared from the skimmed milk taken fresh and this butter is very light and not have any kind of health effects. The brand is an American brand and it is used in the preparation of rich quality of dairy products that can be used in everyday kitchen. The butter is prepared using natural ingredients and it is mostly used as a spread for the morning toast because it is really easy to spread.

9. Amul


Amul butter is highly used in India and it has various other ranges. From milks to ice creams, to butters, Amul brand has produced every diary product and the butter is rich in vitamins and made from high quality products. The meaning of Amul in Sanskrit is rare and valuable. Amul butter always aims to give customer satisfaction so that people are more induced to buy their butter.

8. Cabot Salted butter

Cabot Salted butter

There are many people who love the taste of salty items and this butter is made especially for them. The Cabot salted butter is made from salt and sweet cream which gives the tangy and sour flavour to the butter. The butter is quite slippery and so, there is no problem in spreading them in any toast or other foods that you might want to have.

7. Green Wise butter

Greenwise butter

The best thing about the Green Wise butter is that it is made from organic ingredients and as such there is less fat in the butter which makes it healthy and fit for consumers to take it. And, this butter also has the power to make any recipe be more tasty and delicious. The texture of the butter is very smooth and it can easily be spread on any hard toast. So, if you are using a toaster to heat your bread, then you can use this butter with it.

6. Breakstone butter

Breakstone butter

The Breakstone butter can give a bland taste when used in food items. The texture of the butter is smooth and the slippery texture make it more easy to use and it does not give any additional flavours in the food items in which it is used. The butter is totally made from natural substances and little amount of salt is used in the making.

5. Land O’Lakes

Land O'Lakes

The brand of Land O’Lakes butter is a great combination with baked potatoes and bread toast. This brand is made using sweet cream and so the flavour of the butter is mild and it can be used with any food that is prepared. The light flavour helps in adding the richness of the butter in any dish to make it taste good.

4. Kerrygold Butter

Kerrygold Butter

Another butter brand that has a salty taste is the Kerrygold butter. The butter is made from milk and salt and it is good to be used with the salty ingredients or food items. The smooth texture of the butter helps in making the food item smooth and also gives a salty taste to it within just minutes.

3. Plugra butter

Plugra butter

The Plugra butter brand is made from the dairy farms of the European markets and the speciality of this brand of butter is that it is white in colour and not the normal golden colour. The butter is prepared using natural flavours; pasteurize milk and a pinch of salt to give it a salty flavour. The butter is healthy and at the same time, it is also very delicious to have.

2. Challenge butter

Challenge butter

The Challenge butter is one of the largest selling brands of butter found in India. It was started in 1911 and it is still being able to retain its position quite well. The best thing about this butter is that it is made using natural ingredients which makes it healthy to have it daily and there is not tension of gaining weight also.

1. President butter

 President butter

The President brand is known to provide high quality butter to its customers from such a long time. It is made with a dash of flavours but all the flavours used are mild and gentle in their own way. It is made using pasteurized cream, salt and lactic starter which helps in the digestion process. The butter can be used in the preparation of different kinds of dishes.

These are the top brands of butter. These butter brands help in making the breakfast even more delicious that you will crave for more.