Top 10 Best Bottled Water Brands In The World 2017

In the olden times, there were very few choices of bottled water that people could prefer. But, the scenario has changed and now there are many options to choose from. In the present world, people can also find the natural spring waters in the form of bottled water. There are not less than 3000 different brands of bottled water in the market and you can choose from all the best ones. You should also choose according to your budget and you only deserve the best. The bottled water go through a lot of tests and actions before they are being sold to the customers.

The best brands of bottled water are listed as under

10. Evian Natural spring water

Evian Natural spring water

The bottled water of Evian starts from a river in France which evolves from a mountain tunnel because of which one can prefer to get the best water when they buy this bottled water. Melted snow and rain gets mixed with the water which makes it totally pure and precious to have which also have many health benefits. The glacial sand from the mountains is covered with clay which protects the water from being polluted and it gets its mineral composition from there. The water is then bottled in the nearby bottling unit which makes it more hygienic.

9. FIJI Natural Artesian water

FIJI Natural Artesian water

FIJI’s natural artesian are known for their silicon composition which is known to make the water more pure and soft to drink. The water is known to have some kind of mineral profile in them which are needed in the body. The FIJI waters are smooth and quite tasty to drink. It has silica, calcium and magnesium in them. The bottled water is prevented from external touch and you can feel it only when you open the lid.

8. Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

This mineral water has always been known for its purity and safety. It comes from the ancient, volcanic rocks on the surface of the Earth. Because of it being from the surface, one can find minerals and carbonic particles in the water itself. One can also find high amount of calcium and magnesium in the water content. It is known to provide the right kind of nutrients to the body and by drinking it; one can feel fresh and active all at once.

7. Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

This is such kind of bottled water which is sparkling and the Italians have been drinking it for a pretty long time. It is bottled right at a spring near Ferrarelle and because of that it is full of nutrients in them. The water is bottled in glass containers and not in plastic which protects the taste and also the purity. It starts with rainfall that falls on waterfalls which wash with it all the essential minerals to be needed in the water. The water is plain and simple and also a bit frizzy at times. There is no mixture of unpleasant salt in it.

6. Perrier Mineral water

Perrier Mineral water

This water is a sparkling mineral water and it is bottled in a special shaped bottle because of which most people prefer to buy this bottled water. Water and carbonation are mixed together during the bottling of the water which is helpful to retain all the valuable nutrients back in the water. Today, Perrier water is treated as a substitute for cocktails’ and other kinds of soft drinks which are not good for the body. This water is also available in flavours such as lemon and lime.

5. San Pellegrino Water

San Pellegrino Water

This water is found in the mountains of Milan, Italy and this water is believed to have curative powers in them. It is dug out from three deep springs from which emerged this natural water which is soft and pure to drink. Unique minerals are found in the water which is good for the body.

4. Mountain Valley spring water

Mountain Valley spring water

This bottled water is sure to have some medicinal properties in them which can heal any kind of disease in a human body. Any kind of chronic disease can be easily removed from the body. This water is served in the portions of United States of America. And it is also suitable to save people from heart attacks. The pH balance is normal and it is sparkling water which is light and crystal clear.

3. Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water

Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water

It is a sparkling water which is all carbonated which has beneficial effects on the body. This water is distributed to the United States as it is good. The best part of the water is that it is bottled in the green factory which is easily recognisable because of the blue bottles which are used to pack them.

2. Volvic Natural Spring Water

Volvic Natural Spring Water

The term Volvic water is derived from a volcanic eruption and because of that it has great carbonated values in them. The water is bottled keeping in mind all the health conditions and made at a constant temperature. The sparkling water is great in taste.

1. Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial

This water is derived from the Olfus spring which is green and it is completely sustainable. There is no percent in carbon in them. And the bottling is also done in a green way.

These are the best brands of bottled water. Have them to have a healthier life.