Top 10 Best Men’s Wallet Brands In The World 2017

Everyone checks the quality of a product when they buy it. People prefer buying products made from high quality materials. The brand helps in creating a label and a stamp is fixed to the label which increases the price of the products. Men have a craze of buying different kinds of looking wallet where they can store money and all their essential requirements. There are many men who also need a best brand of wallet just to show off in front of their friends and close ones. The best brands of wallets are not those which are just expensive but the best also has to be great in craftsmanship and should be worth the value. The brands are known in making quality wallets.

The top best brands of men wallet are listed as under:

10. Coach


Coach is a genuine and timeless brand emerged from the New York streets. The brand is known for making quality leather goods. And all the raw materials used in making the wallet and from the design to stitching, everything is made from quality products. The wallets are known to give a luxurious feel to the ones using it and they are normally greater than the size of a normal wallet. The Coach wallets are made using a breath of old school style and fashion and the wallets are bold and handsome to look at. This is the main reason that men look for a Coach wallet.

9. Saddleback Leather Co.

Saddleback Leather Co.

The Saddleback Leather Co. is run by a family and they make quality wallets which are small and also friendly to use. The wallets are not mass produced and all of the wallets are prepared using expert craftsmen. The Company has a vision when they make wallets. They want their products to be long lasting and they come with a 100 year guarantee that there won’t be any defect in the goods. They are expensive but always worth the cost.

8. Leatherology


You might have seen brands with the name of the person behind the brand. But, that is not the case with Leatherology. The Leatherology brand is known to make quality and specific products which are handcrafted with tough specifications. All of the wallets made under this brand are produced in their own factory so that the owners can check the wallets before they are being sent for sale. Every part used are closely monitored. All of the wallets from this brand can also be bought online.


MCROC is known to produce old fashioned wallets for men so that they get the feel of taking something which looks more vintage and old styled. All of the wallets produced under this tag are made in a professional style and it can help one to stand out of the crowd. Starting from the colour to the texture, everything is unique and immensely great in this brand of wallets. All of the pieces used in the production are made in Thailand and all of are one of a kind.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American lifestyle brand and the one thing that this brand is cautious about is the style and the quality. This brand helps to display character and takes out the cool side in a person. The wallets from this brand are slim and they are also traditional looking. The wallets are sold at a reasonable price and all of the wallets are made from pure leather.



The wallets made under this brand are unique and they are made with a twist with each new addition. The wallets are very lightweight and they have a sleek design. The wallets are made from aluminium and plastic and they are used more to keep credit and debit cards and there are slots too to keep hard cash. Te aluminium helps in giving strong edge and protection to your cards and they don’t get bad. There is also RFID locking system in the wallets and they come in competitive prices.

4. Dosh


This brand helps in bringing 21st century wallets into the market. These wallets are made from rubber and plastic and they are available in different colours. The wallets are durable and they provide protection from water. You can even wash them in washing machines. The design is modern and it is easy to carry around.

3. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

This brand can be found in all retail stores and they have showrooms in different parts of the world. The wallets made from Hugo Boss are sleek and looks quite urban. It is a total luxury brand. They come mostly in the black colour and made from cow hide leather. The wallets are very simple but there is some kind of modernity in it.

2. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss

The wallets made from Alpine Swiss are quality products. They are soft, light and also thin. You can find zip wallets, money clips, coin wallets, etc. under this brand and it is worth the cost. It comes only in black colour which marks luxury and class.

1. Spec. OPS brand

Spec. OPS

This is the brand which is known for its hard and durable products. The entire look of the wallet is that of military and it is specially designed with the help of nylon and they are small in size which can fit easily with the shirts itself. The prices are reasonable.

These are the best brands of wallet! Try out one so that you can see the difference!