10 Best Agatha Christie Novels To Read

The books written by Agatha Christie have been enjoying great demand. Agastha has several books under her credit. She wrote over 66 detective novels to become one of the bestselling novelists in the world. Born on September 15, 1890 in Devon, England, Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie holds plenty of records as one of the most recognized authors in the history.

Over 4 billion copies of novels have been sold, which is such a significant figure. Before her death on January 12, 1976 in Oxfordshire, she wrote several books and plays which have imprinted them in the memory of readers across the world. She was one of the top proponents of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Listing the best books by her seems to be a daunting job. But we have still listed the top ten best novels written by her.

10. Death in the Clouds (1935)

The book “Death in the Clouds” was originally published as “Death in the Air” in the year 1935. It is a commendable job of detective fiction. A dead body of a passenger is found in an aircraft just before landing. This time Poirot is here to solve the mystery on a flight running from Paris to Croydon. Initial conclusion was that she was killed with a bee-stung. The detective found a poison tipped dart. It was found that the murder took place with a blowgun. This 304-page book is interesting enough to keep the reader engaged all throughout.

9. A Murder is Announced (1950)

The 50th Novel written by Agatha Christie, the novel “A Murder is Announced” was published in 1950. It is recognized as a classic in the world of crime novels by readers and critics both. When a murder is announced in a local newspaper through an advertisement, it was thought as a hoax until it is set in a terminating stage. It was promoted a lot on its release and is among the most popular works. It also features one of the well renowned fictitious characters, Miss Marple.

8. Crooked House (1949)

By reading the famous 1949 novel “Crooked House”, you will travel to some of the greatest Agatha’s works. Published in 1949, the novel tells the story of the Leonides family lives in a crooked house. When Aristides is poisoned, the suspicion takes places and the whole family is left as suspects. Several crime novel readers love this novel. It seems to be very shocking even by the publishers during the publishing.

7. Endless Night (1967)

The 1967 novel tells how the tale of a newly married couple, Michael and Ellie who seem happy in the beginning, gets into an incredible, jaw-dropping suspicion over time. This novel has been touted as one of the favorite crime stories of Agatha herself. The novel became so famous that a 1972 film was based on its story and it has been published in 13 languages.

6. Murder on the Orient Express (1934)

Released on 1934, the novel “Murder on the Orient Express” narrates the tale of a luxurious train Orient Express stops suddenly due to snowdrift at night and a dead body is found in the morning in a compartment. Even worse, the bad news for the crew and the passengers is that the un-trodden snow is the proof that killer is still on the train. Later on, it was found that he was a millionaire Simon Ratchell who was stabbed dozens of time in his compartment. It is one of the most acclaimed works of Agatha Christie. A film was also made based on the book which really did well and is often known as one of the most prominent adaptations of her books.

5. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)

It is known to be the masterpiece in detective fiction world. The novel “The Muder of Roger Ackroyd” narrates the tale of Poirot when he visits King’s Abbot Village where Mr. Roger Ackroyd is killed. In the last chapter, something is revealed to the readers that totally surprised them. Due to this turn, this village murder mystery becomes a world classic. Published in 1926, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd has been the inspiration for several films and plays.

4. Five Little Pigs (1942)

Published in 1942, the epic novel “Five Little Pig” is a sheer genius as it brings five different tales on single memorable experience. After the death of Caroline Crale around 16 years ago in a prison for killing her own husband, her daughter calls Poirot as her justice has been denied which results in 5 various suspects. The novel tells us the story of Poirot when no one can access the crime scene. He solves the case with just testimonies.

3. The ABC Murders (1936)

The 1936 epic “The ABC Murders” is about a serial killer who kills Alice Ascher, Betty Barnard and Carmichael Clarke. The fictitious detective, Hercule Poirot imagined by Agastha was not successful to save the lives of these people despite having several clues.  He can just hope for catching the killer before he could find D. It was among the first novels which are about dealing with serial killer. It is a commendable work of fiction from Agatha Christie. First published in the year 1936 by Collins Crime Club in the UK, then by the Dodd, Mead & Company in the US, The ABC Murders is an intriguing murder mystery. Hercule Heirot was the backbone of most of her books. It is among the most absorbing works in detective fiction genre it is truly a hit with people today.

2. Curtain: Hercule Poirot’s Last & Greatest Case (1975)

Originally written somewhere in 1939 during the World War II and published later in 1975 after 36 years, “Curtain” novel forms the last appearance of Hercule Poirot. The plot tells the story of Poirot who calls his friend Hastings to visit the Country House Styles where his first case was solved to identify the killer who is suspected as a guest. It was also called as the last case of Poirot. She created two of the most popular characters who made final appearances the book. It was written when author was in danger and the book is stored by her to release later.

1. And Then There Were None (1939)

It is announced as the most difficult novel to be written by Agatha herself. Published in 1939, the epic novel was originally called as “Ten Little Niggers”. It narrates the tale of 10 people with secrets in their chest. They are invited in an island to enjoy a weekend. Everything looks good initially until the death of one after another. The plot goes dense when the killer is found one of them.