Top 12 Amazing Artificial Islands (Man Made Islands)

There is something mysterious on how islands stand bravely amidst the endless blue waters of the ocean. They were once charmed in mystery. Thanks to the scientific and technological advances, there are some architects and engineers in the world who have excelled in making their own islands. There are some of the amazing manmade artificial islands in the world which are the great combination of utility and beauty.

Here are some of the amazing artificial islands worldwide –

12. Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island

Being the part of Kochi, Kerala, Willingdon Island is the largest manmade artificial island in India. Most part of the Willingdon Island was supposed to be the part of Lake of Kochi. It has dredged soil across the tiny and existing natural island. As the island of the Port of Kochi, Willingdon Island is significant as home to the Kochi Naval Base of Indian Navy as well as a constituent unit Central Institute of Fisheries Technology of Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The island also houses some of the establishments associated to the Office of Cochin Port Trust controlling the Port of Kochi, and the Customs Office.

11. Venetian Artificial Islands

Venetian Artificial Islands

Stand amidst the waters of Biscayne Bay, the Venetian Artificial Islands are the chain of artificial islands, connected to the Miami Mainland by the bridges to the Miami Beach, Florida. Among several other artificial islands, Venetian Islands is one of the most prominent islands which include Rivo Alto, Belle Isle, San Marino, Di Lido, Biscayne and San Marco. Built in 1920, the Flagler Monument is an unrestrained picnic island.

10. Kamfers Dam Island

It is an artificial island built in the giant “S” shape in the Kamfers Dam Lake, South Africa. Located in northern coast of Kimberley, Kamfers Dam Island is a prominent island where Lesser Flamingos breed since it was built in 2006 by Ekapa Mining with the material of over 26000 tons. This island is the breeding ground of over 50000 flamingos. Because of rising water level and reducing water quality, island is about to extinct.

9. The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar

Located in Doha, Qatar, The Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island which spans over 4 million sq. m. In Qatar, it is the first land offered to foreign nationals for freehold ownership. It has 12000 residents as of January 2015. After full completion, The Pearl-Qatar will create new coastline for over 32km to be used as a residential landscape with over 45000 residents and over 18,831 houses by 2018. The project is designed by well known architecture firm Callison and developed by the United Development Company. It is around 35m offshore of West Bay Lagoon of Doha. The initial construction cost of the island was $2.5 billion when it was first revealed in 2004. Currently, the estimated cost would be $15 billion when completed.

8. Spiral Island

Located in Mexico, the Spiral Island is a floating artificial island. It is developed in 1998 by Richard Sowa, who was an architect from Britain. The island was built using millions of plastic bottles. In the year 2005, hurricane Emily destroyed it. But the island was rebuilt by him to become better and bigger. Joyxee Island is an alternative island opened for visitors since 2008.

7. Artificial Islands of Uros, Peru

Artificial Islands of Uros, Peru

Made from reed growing along Lake Titicaca, Puno, the Artificial Islands of Uros are the floating island. The reeds are bundled to build this floating island. There are around 2 to 10 reed houses in each artificial island, according to the size. There is a watchtower in the biggest island. However, the traditional culture of Uros tribe is being affected by tourism. The health and environmental hazards are also a big trouble.

6. The THUMS Islands, Ca

The THUMS Islands, Ca

Located in San Pedro Bay, the THUMS Islands are the series of artificial islands located off the Long Beach coast in California. Built in the year 1965 to become the part of East Wilmington Oil Field, the THUMS Islands are the only well built oil islands in the United States. The tall complexes conceal the drill rigs like a waterfall, The Condo, and its vast landscapes. Freeman Island and Island Grissom are some of the most beautiful islands here.

5. Peberholm


It is an artificial island and the part of Oresund Bridge and forms the part of Oresund strait connecting Sweden and Denmark. In order to conserve its ecology, it is not for tourism. Only biologists can enter here.

4. Île aux Cygnes

Île aux Cygnes

Located in France, the Île aux Cygnes is a small man made island located in the Seine in Paris at the 15th as well as 16th arrondissement. Formed to protect the Grenelle port in 1827, the islands have three bridges to connect it to the rest of the world. It also has a tree-lined pathway for walking. The replica of Statue of Liberty is one of the major centers of attraction here. The statue faces the direction where original Statue of Liberty is placed in New York.

3. Amwaj Artificial Islands I


Located in the Persian Gulf, the Amwaj Islands I in Bahrain is the group of artificial islands. Domesticated by the shallow oceans, the artificial islands are the leading project offering freehold landscapes to Bahrain expatriates. Recently, it is an ideal landscape for residents which are complete with residential and commercial landscapes with great architecture, circular marina and hotels.

2. The World Islands

the world islands

Located in the Persian Gulf, the World Islands are yet another group of man made islands located in Dubai. The archipelago is formed with several small islands placed in the world map shape which is around 100m apart. It consists of sand dredged from shallow waters. Originally it was built by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

1. Palm Islands

Palm Islands

The Palm Islands is the name to reckon and has become one of the most popular artificial islands in the world. It is known among visitors, tourists and citizens as well. It is the ideal spot for honeymoon, holiday or getaway. Palm Islands has two simulated islands – Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah sitting in the shores of Dubai, UAE. Completed in November 2014, the Palm Jumeirah is the modern wonder of the world.

The list of best man made islands is not limited to these islands. There are several other islands to be built on their way. These islands are known to be the new answer to fulfill the demand for residential land. These days, the population has grown so well that land forms are not enough in the world. These islands are also the platform for various purposes like scientific, industrial, ecological etc. If they are planned well, they can also serve various other purposes. They can also deal with the issue of increasing water levels.