Top 10 Amazing Underwater Hotels Around The World 2017

Underwater hotel is literally one of the most exciting life adventures. As the name suggests, this unusual hotel provides spectacular sea views in guest rooms. One can imagine these hotels only in dreams. In this modern world, they are real. Guests of all ages love to visit these hotels.

These rooms are artistically done with world-class architecture. All rooms have amazing views of the marine life from floor-to-ceiling windows. Guests have to board a boat to reach there. If you are fond of marine life and bored of visiting the nearest rivers and sea points, aquariums or artificial lakes, explore these beautiful underwater hotels to witness the marine species in their natural habitat at the comfort of your bedroom.

10. Jules’ Underwater Lodge

Jules’ Underwater Lodge

Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the well known undersea hotel designed especially for marine life enthusiasts. The hotel is named to honor the well known maritime authors, Jules. The lodge was built in the early 1970. Currently, the lodge has been designed to give imaginative underwater experience. Several celebrities love to get there and enjoy their spare time in this hotel. It is named as an attractive residential point for tourists by Canada’s former president. Jules’ Undersea Lodge is positioned around 20 feet under the sea level.

9. Web Urbanist Hotel in Poseidon Mystery Island

Web Urbanist Hotel in Poseidon Mystery Island

Web Urbanist is yet another spectacular underwater hotel offering you the opportunity to experience the beautiful sub-sea accommodation at best prices. Bruce Jones is the famous architect who created the design of this hotel. He also designed up to 500 lavish submarine hotels along with their structural plan. The hotel has different honeymoon huts and private rooms for the guests and it is positioned at the depth of around 40 feet below the ocean.

8. The Manta Resort, Tanzania

The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Located at Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania, the Manta Resort is offering unique opportunity to the guests to get a great escape from urban civilization. It is a serene destination where you will get proximity to nature. The hotel is located around 13 feet below the sea level. The hotel suite costs around $1000 per night stay for each. You can enjoy the exotic marine life and get the amazing views of marine creatures in their natural habitat at the comfort of your daybed. The private island is located with a room at 4m under the sea.

7. The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

Fiji is a spectacular yet small island with plenty of gardens, mountains and a lot of amazing tourist destinations. The beauty of Fiji cannot complete without having the Poseidon Underwater Resort. The hotel is fully covered by the lagoons stretched over 5000 acres. It has very expensive suites and each room costs around $15000 per night and even more. You can choose the accommodation according to your budget. You can really get amazing residential experience in this underwater resort.

6. Utter Inn, Sweden

Utter Inn in Sweden

This panoramic hotel is located in Sweden. You will definitely get amazed with the panoramic and striking beauty of Utter Inn, the underwater hotel. Along with getting the close look at the marine species in this underwater hotel, but it is also a lavish residential point with various honeymoon suites and rooms. Built by Mikael Genberg in 2000, Utter Inn has amazing dining area, cozy bedrooms and a wide open swimming pool for guests.

5. Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

It is a seven star hotel which is truly amazing and spectacular. This underwater hotel is strategically located in Dubai. It has around 400 rooms along with 200 lavish apartments. Most of the apartments have been designed and built in a unique way and you can truly feel the wild experience here. The hotel is known to have amazing interiors from ground to top floors. The underwater spa, gym and restaurant will truly give the ideal glimpse of the tropical fish and colorful coral in this area.

4. Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai

Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai

Dubai is already famous for its spectacular marvels and the gigantic Burj Khalifa. It has some of the most amazing underwater hotels in the world designed by most celebrated architects across the world. Crescent Hydropolis is another leading name among notorious undersea hotels. It is usually preferred by the members of royal families and celebrities to stay. All the dining area, rooms, reception area, meeting hall and even indoor games area are truly designed well with glass cabinets. You can truly get the amazing view of underwater species and fishes just from the glass of the bedroom. The stays at the rooms are fairly high. It has 230 lavish suites to add to the charm and beauty of Dubai.

3. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

It is yet another popular hotel located in Maldives. The best thing about this hotel is that it is well structured and built both on exterior and interior sides. This hotel features the best indoor gym and spa in the world. The hotel promises to deliver the best standards to the guests so they can truly enjoy to the fullest here. It has ocean bedrooms with glass floors so you can also see the deep Blue Ocean and marine world under your foot. The hotel is known to have healthy environment and holistic approach. Hence you can definitely feel refreshed and relaxed here.

2. Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Water Discus Hotel

This time, here comes another underwater hotel in Dubai. When you take a look at the overall design of Water Discus Hotel, you will get the glimpse of an alien spaceship which is landed over the sea. The hotel has two portions in disk shape, one below the water surface and one above the surface.  This lavish hotel is truly exclusive with amazing 21 suites and it is really very appealing to nature lovers and those looking to have a unique experience. In this hotel, the upper sections can be detached. If anything goes wrong, these can become life rafts. This hotel became the first choice of marine life enthusiasts thanks to its huge sitting hall, lavish lobby and swimming pool.

1. The Shimao Wonderland, China

The Shimao Wonderland, China

Shimao Wonderland seems to be yet another attraction without which this list would be incomplete. It is a spectacular underwater hotel based in China. It is located in the quarry, instead of being hosted in any tropical regions. It is a sensational hotel which has a big hall, several lavish rooms, indoor gym, gaming area and swimming pool.


The above underwater hotels have always become the sources of inspiration for the journalists, writers, photographers and poets and several creative artists with their awesome and exciting architecture, marine life, surroundings, and sounds of ocean.