10 Airlines With Most Attractive Stewardesses

The day of a flight attendant is quite demanding and challenging, but it’s glamorous too at the same time. They represent airlines with their spotless beauty and charm. In the existing tough competition, airlines are busy giving their great attention to the appearance and selection of flight attendants. From their appealing body, height and smile to their attractive uniform, flight attendants are considered to be the most vital aspect of promotion of any airline.

We have listed the top 10 airlines with attractive stewardess. No matter where you want to fly, you will always find hot, stunning and cute flight attendants greeting you always.

10. Virgin Atlantic

At Virgin Atlantic, the ladies have always been known for their well-fitted red suits and silk neck ties. Don’t get surprised if you see a flight steward serving you who is also an actress in your favorite HBO series. They look simply appealing in red hot uniforms. These beauties have also been voted as “Most Attractive Airline Stewardess” on a survey conducted in the year 2011. Only a few can top these Red Hotties as they are the way too glamorous, classy and have cheerful perceptions when conducting their duties in daily life.

9. Lufthansa

The flight attendants and airline itself made way to become one of the top ten in this list for an excellent reason. Lufthansa is a German airline which consists of cabin crew with diverse and unique nationalities. They have some of the most beautiful flight attendants to stand out among other airlines. They have very humble attitude towards serve and they are almost polite and friendly to their customers and give great airline traveling experience.

8. Thai Airways International

The national airline of the country, Thai Airways is notorious to provide great care to their customers in every single flight. These flight attendants have made way to our 8th rank because they understand all the intricate details when it comes to deliver the utmost luxuries to every passenger on flight. This airline has got several awards due to their great service quality. Each attendant is blessed with hot purple uniforms to give them with unique presence across the world.

7. Emirates

The airline is definitely one of the best in the world so far when it comes to luxury. They have some of the hottest flight attendants on board from different countries. They come from various nationalities in various sizes, shapes and styles. All of them are equally seductive and their beauty is quite redefined. A woman in Emirates uniform looks literally very appealing as she stands out. Men literally cannot understand exactly what makes them so beautiful. Is it their youthful appearance or their uniform?

6. Cathay Pacific

According to most of the passengers who flown on this airline based on Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is supposed to be the best airline Asia has to offer. Thanks to several awards it has got as well as the best service to the passengers, Cathay Pacific provides subtly, sharp witted and sensuous stewardesses to serve them. With almost red uniform, the flight attendants at Cathay Pacific have been popular because of their pretty appearances and their employees on aircraft. These stewardesses are so attractive that Cathay Pacific also allows their attendants to do the ramp walk, replacing professional models. The company is fond of offering world class and excellent service.

5. Air Asia

Airline is recognized because they are popular for having appealing and spectacular flight attendants. Air Asia is recognized as one of the most affordable carriers in the world.  If you are flying to any airport of Malaysia, you will definitely recognize them with their unique red uniforms. These striking flight attendants from Air Asia are very beautiful. There are chances that you may see one of these beauties with trolley bags walking around the airport. On these flights, the flight attendants are known to be hotter than meals served in Air Asia flights.

4. Kingfisher Airlines

It is known to be India’s favorite airline for a lot of reasons. It has the hottest flight attendants in the world. This is the reason why most men love these airlines. Kingfisher is one of the most loved brands as it has the hottest ladies to serve in the air. The uniform is much like to that of Air Asian’s attendants. It resembles even the cutting and color design. Both look as elegant as possible.

3. Singapore Airlines

If you are searching for friendly and appealing service on air, you must definitely choose Singapore Airlines because you will get it all. The ladies of this airline are dressed in unique “Sarong Kebaya” outfit that adds glamour and traditional charm to their airlines. It won’t be reasonable if you look at these hot ladies just because of their cuteness. Singaporean women are known to be very hospitable and they are born to serve the passengers with some of the best cabin services in airline industry. This kind of hospitality has been awarded and recognized greatly in tourism and travel industries and magazines. These stewardesses have got “World’s Best Cabin Crew Service” by the Business Traveler Asia Pacific Awards for 17 consecutive years.

2. Aeroflot Air

With unique red uniform of flight stewardess, Aeroflot Air is yet another appealing airline. These hot ladies let the airline to spot 2nd in this list of most attractive flight attendants. In general, Russians are not usually considered in fashion levels. But their well angled neck ties and sharp caps managed to seek attention of their passengers. Actually, they have been ranked among the world’s most stylish cabin crew team, according to a Skyscanner’s survey, a flight booking portal.

1. Air France

The flight attendants in this airline are incredibly amazing and they do great job to serve the passengers who often feel uncomfortable in terribly uncomfortable seats in economy class. You may feel your flight short even though you travel to farther distances, thanks to these elegant flight attendants sporting stylish tub mannequin designed by Christian Lacroix. Well, uniform is not the only reason why these ladies look so hot. It might be the passionate and happy label of the French.

These attendants never let their business to be mixed up with their comfort. They follow their own French ideal of passion instead of their pleasure. They never compromise on their service levels. These dreamy flight attendants are always available at your service in flights with their smiling faces and friendly approach. For passengers, they are very prompt and friendly.  They are popular not only for their elegant faces, but also for their quick service.