20 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids at PreSchool

YouTube stats are always here to amaze. It has over 1 billion users every month and around 6 billion hours of videos played every month and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute. What if you like to get something for your preschool kids along with tweaking videos and game commentary? For younger kids, it is better to download official YouTube app for your kids.

YouTube has no lack of minor fans. We have found out ten of the best educational YouTube channels for your preschool kids. We laughed out loud, learned and fell in love with these channels and what they can bring to your little ones. You can watch funny and educational videos with your kids and know about the content.

20. Sesame Street

It is one of the oldest shows entertaining kids for around 40 years. As a kid, it was my favorite show and it just keeps of getting better. Moms and dads don’t need to wait for this show to come on TV to entertain the kids. This YouTube channel has all types of educational, fun videos. Some of these videos also star your favorite musicians and actors.

19. PBS

This YouTube channel features huge PBS Kids playlist having all kinds of best shows, including Curious George, Big Red Dog, Clifford, Super Why! And Sid The Science Kid. There are several other PBS shows available on the channel and PBS Kids GO! playlist. It has hours of content for your kids to keep your kids entertained on YouTube.

18. Yo Gabba Gabba!

It is yet another hottest favorite show for pre-school kids. It has awesome characters as it has great music. It also features the cameos of Indie rock band and fun guest appearances of celebrities. You may check out the guest appearance of Angela Kinsey on Back to School clip.

17. They Might be Giants Podcast

They Might be Giant Podcast is not just a YouTube channel for kids. In fact, all of the songs related to TMBG are compiled in a playlist so kids can easily find and share these videos with their friends. It has amazing visuals and catchy songs.

16. Simple Kids Crafts

Love to get creative with your kids and their crafts? It is the YouTube channel for their passion for art and crafts. It has loads of amazing crafts ideas. In this channel, you can find out what materials they need and walk through the process of crafting.

15. Houston Zoo

If your kids love animals, they will definitely love this YouTube channel. It has all kinds of educational, cool animal videos. Which animal your preschooler loves the most?

14. Cartoon Network

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel has no dearth of amazing cartoons to watch for your kids. It has lots of excerpts from Pokemon, Adventure Time, Ben 10 etc.

13. Word World PBS

If your kids are just going to learn how to read, Word World PBS is a great YouTube channel to help them in their learning process in school. This channel has great range of videos about spelling and words.

12. Muppets Studio

Muppets are the favorites of everyone. Though it may not be as educational as some of other video content of children, it is still the way too entertaining for kids. Here, you can find a lot of Muppets music videos for your kids. Muppets also introduced another cooking show web series that both moms and kids love.

11. Laurie Berkner

Looking for some educational, fun music for kids? Laurie has made a lot of amazing kids’ music videos that cover everything from dinosaurs to days of the week, family etc. Along with her YouTube channel, you can also play the songs of her playlist.

10. Big Red Hat Kids

You may give your kids exposure to different cultures and places across the world, learn how to make amazing projects and discover science with Big Red Hat Kids channel. It has 3 main shows – Oliart which shares fun art projects, Traveling Trio that travels across the world, and Discovery Twins to learn science. It is the best way for kids to learn from other kids and have fun.

9. Baby Einstein

Whether Baby Einstein is suitable for kids is still a controversial subject. Though parents swear by it, some of them don’t want kids to watch this show. It is a great channel with loads of musical clips for your kids.

8. Hoopla Kids

It is a YouTube channel intended for nursery rhymes. It has great range of animations for your little ones, including “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Goose that Laid the Golden Egg”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and “Row Row Row Your Boat”.

7. The Wiggles

The Wiggles is the musical group of some Australian kids which has loads of videos on this YouTube channel. Though they don’t have their official channel, you can still watch their vivid, fun music videos with kids.

6. Activity Village

It is another YouTube channel with some amazing “how to” videos and videos about various colors and where they can guess which animal is behind various masks.

5. School House Rock Kids

In this channel, your kids would love watching all your favorite songs in School House Rock from Conjunction Junction.

4. KidsTV

Are shows like Dinosaur King and Yu-Gi-Oh! loved by your kids? Do they love Anime? 4KidsTV has a lot of cartoons and anime to enjoy.

3. Seven Awesome Kids

It is yet another YouTube channel which has content created exclusively by kids for kids. It has kids from different parts of the world talking about what’s going on and their lives. Your kids can get a glimpse into other children’s lives and see how they are similar or different from others.

2. AllTube4Kids

For your kids, seeing other kids doing fun things on YouTube is a best thing. It is a fun channel on YouTube which is a fun and safe place for kids and parents to share their candid moments. Your kids will definitely love watching the videos of other kids, including everything from pop culture to daily life and it may also include shoot and share your own videos.

1. Arthur

It is another most popular kids’ favorite channel. You and your children would love watching loads of episodes of Arthur. It has Arthur songs, episodes and more.

This is the list of 20 awesome and educational YouTube playlists and channels for your kids and you can easily find a few more channels for yourself. All of these channels are dedicated to children.