15 Interesting Facts about Lena Headey

Ever since she got break in “300”, Lena Headey has been known for playing strong, iconic character in silver and small screen. Her film career was kick-started by chance around 20 years ago at Royal National Theatre when she was in high school.

These days, she plays the most hated character, Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, a superhit HBO series. She also had appearance as the warrior queen in “300: Rise of an Empire”. According to her, she gets a lot of extreme messages from Game of Thrones fans because of her character. It seems that they forget that Lena is not Cersei Lannister. She is just playing the role, but she is surprisingly good at it.

From funniest fan encounters to her passion for horror movies, here are the top 15 facts you may not know about Lena Headey.

Lena Headey

15. She Boiled Goldfish in Childhood

Kids can’t even take care of themselves, let their pets alone. This belief was fueled up when she told that she had some goldfish and two hamsters when she was a child. She decided to give some Jacuzzi to her goldfish for fun. But things gone extreme and she boiled up one goldfish alive. She was really scared.

14. Her Birth Place – Bermuda

Her father was a Police Cadet in Yorkshire and posted at Bermuda and settled there with his family, where she was born. People often crack jokes that she comes from Bermuda Triangle. She moved to Huddersfield, Yorkshire with her family, at the age of 5 years. She lived there till she turned 17.

13. She is Active on Twitter

She considers Twitter to be the best way to connect with her fans. According to her, she shoots up a tweet whenever she is stumbled upon somewhere.

12. She is Vegetarian by Choice

Lena Headey has campaigned with PETA and she is a huge animal rights activist. She is naturally a vegetarian. She had to skin a rabbit to play her character on the shoots for “The Brothers Grimm”. She was not ready to perform the scene. So, the crew gave a latex rabbit to her.

11. Her Tattoo Craze

While shooting for ‘The Jungle Book”, she started yoga because she was also into boxing. She also met Jason Flemyng on the set. For 9 years, they lived together, during which she tattooed his name in Thai on her right arm. After 9 years, they broke up (but they were still good friends) but she covered up the tattoo. Loving drunken women and men and tattooing their names is really a bad idea. It is rumored that she will be appearing nude in the next season of Game of Thrones and hiding her tattoos will really be the challenging part of shooting.

10. Licking the Toad

For her appearance in “The Brothers Grimm”, her character had to lick a real, alive toad.  This time, she unfortunately couldn’t manage to have a latex toad. She ended up doing it and later revealed that it hardly had any weird taste, despite the texture.

9. Her Character “Cersei”

Her character “Cersei” has undeniably garnered huge fan following and she has become the most popular actress for her role in GOT and her career which she started around 2 decades ago.  GOT fans used to hate Cersei but they hardly know that it was Peter Dinklage, who is playing Tyrion Lannister, recommended her to play the character of “Cersei”. Previously they worked together in 3 projects and they both used to appear in TV shows where they had to perform challenging characters.

8. Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage are Friends

Only a few people know that Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage are not just co-actors in Game of Thrones, but also real life friends before the TV series came. She is also known for her long-time friendship with Piper Perabo. They worked together two times in “The Cave & Imagine Me and You” (where Piper suddenly finds her life partner and finds it hard to deal with her attraction for Headey, playing a lesbian).

7. She Faced Supernatural Encounters

She revealed that she had some personal experiences with a spirit in childhood. She used to believe in supernatural activities in childhood. According to Headey, she had seen a ghost as a girl in her house. When staying at a France based hotel, she revealed that she met a ghost of little girl asking for help. She once saw a woman with her baby in her room in Nantucket. In a village, she also saw a woman walking right into the wall.

6. Her Love for Horror Movies

Like almost everyone else in this world, she loves horror movies. She curiously stated that watching freaking horror films, especially those which have tools and chainsaws (used to tear limbs of people off) are very amazing and they offer “real escape” to her and she almost gets touched with the film. Can chainsaws stuffed with blood of human relax someone’s mind? Seriously!!

5. The Intimate Scene in Game of Thrones

The ‘risqué’ scene between Headey and her on-screen partner, Jamie was apparently performed by a body double.

4. Her Love for Music

When growing up, Lena loved to watch musicians, just like most of us. According to her, it was basically due to the beautiful costumes donned by most women singers. Later on, she wanted to work in musicals. That’s why she got motivation to become an actor. According to her, she would like to do some more theatre works and she could sing.

3. Her Reel and Real Characters are Different

She added that she doesn’t really relate with any of her characters played by her in real life. She is not a heroic, iconic woman in real life. When it comes to choose one of her favorite characters, she would definitely choose to become Angelika, the tomboy from “The Brothers Grimm”.

2. Her “Shy” Side

Can you believe if we say an actor can be shy? But it is true in case of Lena. She once said in an interview that she is a kind of shy person. Acting is her passion. She loves how to carve it in reel. She is truly uncomfortable to play her characters in real life and she is not always comfortable with her fame aspect which comes with her career. She doesn’t like to be paparazzied all the time when she goes outdoors. According to her, shyness grows with her age.

1. Her Appearance as Sarah Connor in Terminator TV Series

The show was actually a TV spin-off of the well known “Terminator” movie series by James Cameron and the series ran from January 2008 to April 2009 and lasted 2 seasons. Her performance was loved by the fans and Variety magazine.