15 Important Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

There are plenty of researches which show that women literally outsmart men. More often than not, men seem to be physically and mentally stronger to women. But there are some studies which prove these stereotypes wrong, that we all grew up to believe.

The debate on who is better will keep on growing in the long term. Here are the lists of reasons why women tend to be smarter to men. We were also shocked when compiling this list. Here’s why women tend to be better than men –

1. Girls Get Better Grades than Boys at School

From kindergarten to high school, girls always show their self-control and tend to get better grades than boys. They are more likely to follow rules, show their sense of self discipline, and pay full attention to details and specific instructions on long-term assignments despite frustration and boredom. Girls tend to prefer homework more than enjoyment like surfing the web, watching TV, reading comics etc.

2. Girls have Great Skills in Science and Maths

Males are expected for better performance in scoring subjects like Math and science because they are highly enrolled in classes like chemistry, engineering and quantum physics. But girls actually perform better in science and Maths than boys and achieve higher grades in school, despite having lack of interest in these subjects.

3. Girls Make Better Computer Programmers

When it comes to 3D RPG games, men are considered to be smarter and more interested as they are usually die-hard gamers. Men are also known to join the army of game developers. But according to a study conducted by the University of Sussex, girls are surprisingly better programmers than men. They create very complex coding system when it comes to design 3D graphics and role playing games.

4. They are Better Stress Handlers

When it comes to job interviews, it is natural that anyone can get stressed out, whether men or women. But a study by the University of Western Ontario proves that women can handle stress better on a job interview as compared to men. They research on the company and practice mock interview with friends before the day of interview. So, they perform better in interviews. On the other side, men are used to take things lightly and prepare only at last moment.

5. They are More Calm when Taking Market Risks

Males are known to have excess testosterone. This way, they are more likely to take higher risks. On the other side, women traders are calmer in their way. So, they are likely to make healthier and safer investments. This way, Warren Buffet thinks like a woman. This is the reason why he became so rich.

6. They are More Likely to Survive Car Accident

If you are using social media, you may have come across a lot of jokes and memes about women drivers. It is believed that women make horrible drivers. Sounds weird but true; around 77% cases of deaths due to car accidents in the world involve male drivers. According to the study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, men proved to be more careless drivers than women.

7. They Make Better Managers and Bosses

At work space, female bosses are likely to play a caring and kind role. They can be great problem solvers as your best friend or they can be worst nightmare for a competitor. Women can better understand body language and emotions. All these qualities make them better team coordinators and rational thinkers.

8. They have Stronger Immune Defense

According to McGill University, the study reveals that women have estrogen in their body due to which they can easily avoid infections. Their reproductive system produces a hormone which fights against an enzyme which breaks through the first line of defense of the body against viruses and bacteria.

9. Daughters are More Loving to Parents

When compared to men, women are more likely to care for their elderly parents. Hence, girls have always been their parents’ favorite.

10. They are More Economical than Boys to Raise

Shocked? You must be! It is obvious that girls do a lot of shopping and waste their money in makeup, clothes, jewelry, footwear etc. and empty the pockets of their parents. But they are still more economical in long run than boys. According to a TIME Money study, around 41% of young guys demand more money from their parents than 31% of girls. As kids, boys are more likely to demand pocket money than girls.

11. They “Grow” a Baby Inside Them and Tolerate a lot of Pain

They can grow a whole new human being inside their fetus. On the other side, men just make tadpole-like sperms which don’t even know where to go, until they budge in the egg by mistake inside the body of her. This is all male’s sperm does. On the other side, woman carries a kicking, moving and grown baby for the whole 9 months.

They can also tolerate more pain than men. They face baby push over and over again. Women have more tolerance to pain as they do all the daily tasks for 9 months. On the other side, men just take bed rest even if they have flu.

12. They are Multitasking

No one can beat women when it comes to go multitasking. They can cook, reply to emails on their phones, listen to news on radio, and have a watch over their baby at the same time.

13. Their Brain have Better Ability to heal

Suppose both a man and woman met an accident alike, a woman can start doing her routine tasks sooner than man opens his eyes. This is because neurons of women are interconnected when men’s neurons are compartmentalized.

14. Their Communication Skills are Better

Women are more talkative to men. They can talk to anyone, anytime and anywhere. They can easily socialize with teacher of their children, bus driver, cleaner, salesman or anyone sitting next to them in the train. We owe advances in our life to women because of their sound communication skills.

15. They can Do Everything

The problem with men is that they get bored easily. If they don’t find their work interesting, they won’t do it. Similarly, men won’t do their work again if they are not appreciated or encouraged first time, even if it is washing dishes. On the other side, women get things done which are important for them. For example, they never leave cooking food even if they are not appreciated last time. Women have superpower to do the things right and get it done, no matter what.