15 Hollywood Celebs Who Drive the World’s Most Expensive Cars

Car, the twentieth century’s most common mode of four wheel transportation became a lavish entity for celebrities of Hollywood when they went forward to buy cars that bring up their personality in it. Car does have owned its place in the luxury list of celebrities.

Here is the top 15 celebrities who have the world’s most expensive and luxurious cars in possession.

15) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian cars

 This hot and beautiful reality television personality owns the spectacular red hot sports car, Ferrari F430. This finely designed car costs about $186,925. As hot as the owner this car does leave the road on fire with its style and elegance.

 14) Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton cars

This American business women, television personality, model, actor, singer and DJ does own an extravagant and feminine looking car just like her. This Custom Bentley Gt continental costs $285,000 that moves with an eye catching and sweet pink colour. The sweetness is not restricted to the exteriors alone but even the inside leather-seats, steering wheel and dashboards are pink painted. Her love for pink is easily conveyed whenever she matches her outfit with her super- pink car.

13) P.Diddy

P.Diddy cars

This popular American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and actor does have a really interesting collection of cars. But one car that stands out is his prodigal black Maybach. This car was bought by him for $ 360,000. This elegant car does make its spark through the roads. The car does have a pretty interesting outer and finely finished inner.

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12) Rick Ross

Rick Ross cars

 This awesome bubbly rapper and entrepreneur does have a chic and classy black car with a perfect outlook. This $ 430,000 worth Maybach 57 is without any doubt a perfect luxury car. This extravagant car does shows off its magnanimity on the go.

 11) Jay Leno

Jay Leno cars

 This anime actor, comedian and TV host does own the coolest Mercedes in the world. This $ 500,000 worth Mercedes SLR McLaren reflects the coolest character of owner. This nonchalant grey coloured car does makes a valuable asset for him.

10) Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage cars

 This smart ghost rider starrer does have a very beautiful red hot stunning Ferrari Enzo. This heavenly car costs about $ 670,000 that comes with a fiery carbon fibre body. This car has an inbuilt LEDs in the steering directing when to pull the gear. This fantastic and gallant car does match up with its wonderful and suave owner.

9) Jerry Seinfeld    

Jerry Seinfeld cars 

This famous Hollywood comedian, actor, writer, director and producer does have a sporty sports car manufactured by Porsche. This fastest and stylish car cost about $ 700,000 with an awesome vintage touch to it. This belong under the category of Top Sports Car with a classic design that makes it to stand out on roads.

8) Kanye West

Kanye West cars

This cool recording artist and songwriter does own the coolest Lamborghini Aventador. This chic black car would be a dream car for every common man, costing $ 750,000. This classy car comes with the signature scissor doors that makes it more attractive.

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7) Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell cars

This awesome English reality show judge and philanthropist does own a magnanimous and noble Bugatti Veyron in a classic black colour. Costing $ 1.7 million this car Guinness world record recognised car. To own a car designed intricately, Simon has elevated his nobility in the world.

6) Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne cars

This famous rapper, singer and entrepreneur does own a tremendous looking Bugatti Veyron in an amazing black hue that’s worth $ 2 million. This ravish and splendid looking car does make the people in its path envy about it. This car does match up with the enchanting characteristic of the possessor.

5) Bird man (Bryan Williams)

Bryan Williams cars

This famous American rapper and record producer also owns the tremendous Bugatti Veyron in a scintillating red hue. Costing about $ 2 million, this splendid looking car does make everyone to notice it and fall for it in the first sight. This astounding car has likely become a must have for all the millionaires.

4) 50 Cent

50 Cent cars

This well-known singer and rapper comes to be in possession of an awe-inspiring, cool and blue Lamborghini Gallardo that makes him even more popular. This $ 2 million car is the best-selling model with a serene exterior and exciting interior. This is really a car to envy upon.

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3) The Game (Jayceon Terrell Taylor)

Jayceon Terrell Taylor cars

This popular rapper and actor does show his lush lifestyle through his exuberant and wonderful looking car that costs $2.2 million. This Bugatti Veyron does have an animated exterior with an indifferent view to it. This car really brings out the dude thing of Taylor in a fantastic manner.

 2) Flo Rida

Flo Rida cars

This good-looking hip hop artist does own one of the most expensive and jaw dropping cars in the world. The famous golden Bugatti Veyron possessor made it his possession by buying it for $ 2.7 million. This eye catching golden car does pride to the road it travels. This takes luxury cars to a level greater than achieved previously.

1) Jay Z


This famous and most popular American rapper does has the costliest car in the world possessing the great and elegant Maybach Excelero. One of the posh cars known to the world, this remarkable looking car does make it worth it to be $ 8 million. This comes with high class inner facilities and also with a marvellous speed.