12 Hottest Cheerleading Squads In The NFL

Whether for any game shows the interest towards it increases when there is attractive cheer leaders present to entertain. They do make an integral part in Game shows.

Whether be the Olympics or Super Bowl it needs a cheer leading squad to make it a complete or whole game show. Listed below is the list of top 12 Cheer leading squads in NFL.

 12) Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

Founded in 1988 this 29 member squad is one of the beautiful and amazing cheer leading squad in NFL. They made a lot of appearances in various events and charity shows and parties. They became more famous when they started to perform “The Cardinal Show Team” around the world. They do have a sweet initiative called “Junior Cheer Program”, for young women of age between 8 and 17. They also participate in various events as the “Arizona Cardinals Junior All-Stars”.

 11) Carolina Topcats

Carolina Topcats

This famous cheer leading squad is famous for a variety of dance moves during the home games at Bank of America Stadium. They do make a lot of appearances in various events and also corporate ones. Currently featuring 33 members they do conduct the “Junior Top cats” program. They are perfect entertainers and good performers.

10) Miami dolphins’ Squad

Miami dolphins’ Squad

This well recognised cheer leading squad is one of the famous squads in NFL. This cheer leading squad came into popularity when they made a video cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “ Call Me Maybe” which was the popular video gone viral on 2012 earning more than 20 million views in You tube. They increase their fame by participating in charity events as well as making regular trips to USO. Their liking can be deliberately seen in their twitter and Facebook pages.

9) Washington Redskins Squad

Washington Redskins Squad

Also known popularly as “Reskinettes” they are the longest running cheer leading squad in NFL. Their look to the audience is more pleasant and traditional when compared to that of 1960’s squad. They are worldwide performers providing a helping hand for the promotion of commercial products in Asia. They too have made several USO tours making them one of the best cheer leading squads in NFL.

8) Philadelphia Eagles Squad

Philadelphia Eagles Squad

This is the hottest squad of all the cheer leading squad in NFL. They made their first debut in 1948 and are most famously known as the “Eaglettes”. This is the only team to have the opportunity to perform at the famous “am Far Inspirational Gala” at New York. Not only that their intricate outfits are designed by the famous fashion designer Vera Wang making them even more popular cheer leading squad at NFL.

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Squad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Squad

Previously known to be the “Swash Bucklers” they changed to their present modern form when they joined hands with the Buccaneers organisation. After their transformation in 1999 they have completely changed in their appearances and outfits. With their conversion they were often invited to be as the NFL ambassadors on various military occasions. This highly active squad made approximately 300 appearances every year making them fame filled.

6) New England Patriots Squad

New England Patriots Squad cheer leaders

Founded in 1977, this charming cheer leading squad is one of the best cheer leading squad in NFL. These were the ones who travelled to china to train Chinese dancers to cheer lead in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Although they stand to be the best entertainers, they get involved in large quantities of social activities. They do release annual swim suit calendar for all kinds of people.

5) Denver Broncos Squad 

Denver Broncos Squad cheerleaders

This all-time favourite cheer leading squad came into super fame during the Super Bowl XLVIII. Born in 1971, they have participated in many tours around the world such as China, Egypt, Iraq, Hawaii and Italy. They do possess an online blog that dedicates more than 1,500 hours of civic involvement among 100 local institutions.

4) Atlanta Falcons Squad

Atlanta Falcons Squad

From their birth in 1950s they have been one of the most amazing cheer leaders in NFL. These “falconettes” have made numerous amount of participations in local welfare events around Atlanta and involves themselves in large amount of community affairs. They do have gained great fame and spirit through years and are really growing more and more every year making them to be mentioned in the best cheer leading squads in NFL.

3) Houston Texas Squad

Houston Texas Squad

These Texan cheerleaders are one of the most popular in the football league. They have a real in born characteristic when it comes to interacting with the spectators. In 2012, they held the spectacular “Birds and Birdies” Golf Tournament in United States. They also participated in the HTC All-stars Group where cheerleaders from all over Houston performed. Without any doubt they are considered to be one of the best cheer leading squad in NFL.

2) Oakland Raiders Squad

Oakland Raiders Squad

This most amazing squad does have a wide number of fans in the audience and they form a perfect cheer leading squad of all. Founded in 1961, they are most commonly and famously known as “Raiderettes” and have been entertaining their fans for about five decades. With their icon is uniforms they do perform the best performance everywhere making them the best cheer leading squad in NFL.

1) Dallas Cowboys cheer leading Squad

Dallas Cowboys cheer leading Squad

 Taking the numero uno position is the famous and beautiful Dallas Cowboys Cheer leading Squad. Popularly known as “Coebelles and Beaux” they have gained tastes of successes in the 70’s and 90’s when they were popularly called as “American Team”. They have been featured in many popular TV shows such as The Love Boat, Saturday Night Live and Are You Smarter Than The 5th Grade. They have certainly gained a lot of fans during their entertainment period and does make them to be called as the best cheer leading squad.