10 Ways to Celebrate a Memorable Housewarming Party

Moving to a new residence always feels special, to mark a long lasting impact of the moments you enjoyed while entering new sweet home surely requires an excellent experience of the housewarming party for you as well as friends and relatives. Below is the list disclosed that can help you to bloom your party with great moves.

No.10 Embrace a Handwritten note

Embrace a Handwritten note

The first step while throwing away Housewarming party is to invite relatives and friends, informing them of your next successful move with the greeting card and printed invitation will surely help you to save time and is worth money spent. For embracing the chances of more and more friends turning in for the party simply write a note from yourself “Hope to see you there” will surely mean more than printed invitations.

No.9 Include Directions in Card

Include Directions in Card

It will surely be a new place for family and friends as it is going to be your new home, putting direction navigator symbols on cards will help them to easily reach out the desired place without consuming time for searching. It will also signify that you are taking an extra effort for them to enroll in the party.

No.8 Theme Based Party

Theme Based Party

It will be more fun if you want to include theme based party, there are plenty of options available to choose the suitable theme for the party, a simple theme party may include the colour of dress or simply range of foods you want to include. The information about the decided theme should also be included in the invitation card so none of the invitees feel alien while attending party not in a theme.

No.7 Season factor: deciding duration of Party

Season play an important role while you are looking forward to delivering a get together with friends and relatives, sunny summer season may let you throw a long lasting party outdoor in the garden area or you can simply arrange dining area outside in order to let the guests enjoy food in warm surroundings and spacious arrangements.

In winter season you may call for a short party as by evening it gets cold and friends start to opt to go back home, winter is preferred for indoor parties and arrangements.

No.6 Create Songlist for a Party mood

You may call out DJ and dance floor if you can throw that much lavish Housewarming party, the best way to indulge the friends, relative and neighbors for a dance move is to collect the party songs in one folder and let the music play all time to let the friends move booty on the beats. Keeping things ready will save your enjoyment time also as you don’t have to search for music options after mood changes to dance.

No.5 Presence of Greeter at the Door

The best way to start a party is to welcome all relatives and friends with greetings at the door at the moment they enter for the party, as a party thrower it may be difficult for you to do the task as other things and responsibility may call you in between. For a sure sort solution ask your best friend to do the task as ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, honored guests will surely greet you back for a happy stay.

N0.4 Games essence of Housewarming Parties

The best way to entertain guests are easy and gathered game to be enjoyed by all or a bunch of guests opting for it, arranging games at the start will surely add the tag of the entertaining party for guests and friends. The best of games could be included as part of Housewarming party may be Karaoke Machine, few card games distributed amongst the different bunch of guests.

No.3 Keeping Gifts aside

It’s not appropriate to discuss gifts and just laid down to open gifts in front of friends, it is sure will be a party spoiler. The best way to get rid of gift problem, simply decide a place to keep your entire gift and it should be a place not noticeable easily. Giving more times to friends will surely help to increase the fun.

No.2 Clean House Tidy House

It is important for you to ensure the tidiness of all rooms and no item is split on the floor before your group of relatives and friends asks you for the house tour. Surely it is a new house and everyone wants to take a look at the different rooms and the way you decorated them. Spotting a laundry or an unclean corner will surely put a bad impression of you to the guests, the way you manage your home says a lot about your personality, so ensure cleanliness and spot on look before revealing it.

No. 1 Thank you Notes

Thank You Gift

It is always advisable not let your relatives go away empty hands from the party as they came with greetings and gifts for you and spend their precious time with you for your happiness, if you are well enough to buy a gift please buy it. Simple Thank You note while they are turning out will do the task and will definitely show your warmth for welcoming them for the Housewarming Party.