10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Diabetes

Do you suffer from Diabetes? Are you on medication for the same? Have you started taking insulin shots for Diabetes? Well, the fact is that you can control your Diabetes without taking a harmful dose of medicine. Diabetes is quite common these days even a lot of your people face the problem. There are surely a lot of complications associated with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and the fact is that you can avoid all these by simple lifestyle changes.

The first step towards control and prevention of diabetes is knowing the disease and after knowing the disease, it would be relatively easy to prevent and cure the disease. In this article, we have listed 10 things that you probably do not know about diabetes. Knowing these things can have a really positive impact on you and in addition to this, you can avoid insulin dose as well.


Let us now look at some of those points

1. Diagnosis and Awareness 

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that they suffer from diabetes and they are not aware of it until the disease has become more serious in nature. It is possible to take preventive steps for diabetes by adopting a healthy and an active lifestyle. You should always get yourself tested for blood sugar on regular basis.

2. Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes 

Again the fact is that a lot of people are not aware of the fact that they suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and this is because the Type 2 diabetes do not have any symptoms associated with it. This is one of the reason why people should get themselves checked regularly for diabetes.

3. Statistics About Diabetes 

This could be a bizarre fact for you but the truth is that overall, 5% of the population suffering from Diabetes suffer from Type- 1 Diabetes and this tells us that the 95% of the people suffer from Type 2 Diabetes which does not have any symptoms.

4. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes 

It is not very difficult to prevent type-2 diabetes. If the doctor tells you that you are at risk then you should get involved in some type of physical activities. The best prevention is to lose 5 to 8 Kgs of weight along with 30 minutes of brisk walking as diabetes is often linked to

5. Dietary Changes 

There are not much of dietary changes which are required if you suffer from diabetes and the only changes that you might need are that you would have to lower your sugar intake. You can adapt to artificial sweeteners as well.

6. Association of Diabetes with Blindness 

Diabetes is associated with blindness and renal failure as well and hence a lot of people suffer from complete or partial blindness. There is also a population of people who suffer from renal failure because of diabetes hence prevention of diabetes is really important.

7. Association of Diabetes with Heart Disease 

As a matter of fact, diabetes is also associated heart diseases and as per a research, people suffering from diabetes are more prone to heart disease. As per the research, the people with diabetes are twice likely to suffer from heart problems.

8. Prevention is Better than Cure 

As mentioned earlier, prevention is better than cure and taking about diabetes, prevention is a lot better than getting yourself injected with insulin for multiple times in a day. If you are at risk, you should follow the doctor’s advice very religiously.

9. Other Techniques for Prevention 

Weight loss is the most effective technique for preventing diabetes and if in case, you are suffering from diabetes but you are unable to lose weight then you can surely opt for bariatric surgeries as they can significantly reduce the symptoms of diabetes. In addition to this, you may also adapt to chemotherapy for weight loss and it is an FDA approved a method for weight loss which eliminates fat cells by killing the fat cells.

10. Diabetes and Cost 

As per another statistics, the disease wipes off $174 billion dollars annually and out of these $174 billion, $116 billion dollars are directly spent on medication for diabetes. The cost associated with diabetes is surely quite high.

These were some of the points that you might not be aware of and since now you are aware of these facts about diabetes, you should now be able to prevent and control diabetes. If you do not have diabetes but one of your parents suffers from diabetes then you should visit the doctor today to get yourself checked.