10 Non-Islamic Terrorist Organizations In The World

Since 9/11, Muslim rebel groups have always been in limelight in all TV news channels across the world. But you may get surprised when we tell you that there are several non-Muslim terrorist groups in the world. Here, we are going to inform you about top ten non Islamic terrorist groups.

10. Epanastatikos Agonas (EA)/Revolutionary Struggle

Epanastatikos Agonas

It is a Greek terrorist group which is responsible for terrorist attacks on American embassy located in Athens and on other Greek government buildings. It borrows their resume from a lot of former terrorist groups in regions like Revolutionary People’s Struggle (ELA) and Revolutionary Organization 17 November (N17). They espouse an anarchist ideology and anti-globalization and participate in various violent activities against major business and banking institutions and Greek security forces to force revolution in European countries. They have huge anti-capitalist ideals and targeted interests in the US to promote disengagement in Greece.

It is a newer group in anarchist movement. Greek security forces led resistance against Revolutionary Organization N17 members and arrested 15 of the members and leaders of the group. Thereafter, the group got inactive and crippled. According to some insiders, the group was reestablished by the rest of members who were not caught. Officially, the group was emerged in the year 2003 with bombing at the courthouse in Athens, caused death of a police officer. They have charges for the assassination of government officials, and bombings at US government interests, police stations, banks and various corporate offices.

It has been designated by the European Union as a terrorist organization in 2007. During raids in April 2010, 6 suspects of EA had been arrested by Greek security forces, including Nikos Maziotis, the suspicious leader of the group.

9. Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias De Colombia (FARC)

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaries De Colombia

Since 1964, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the leftist guerilla organization found responsible for Colombian Civil War. The Colombian Communist Party funded this militant wing which has up to 7000 to 1000 active members from poor family in rural Colombia, including children. The group is alleged to use landmines and killed thousands of civilians and around 460 soldiers. It arranges funds through kidnapping, illegal drug production and supply, extortion and illegal mining.

8. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

Active primarily in France and Spain, ETA is a Basque separatist and nationalist organization established in the year 1958 to establish independent Basqueland and promote Basque culture. It is accused for attacks on judges, politicians, businessmen, journalists, and tourists, totaling 829 innocents. The most renowned work of the group was attempt of assassination on PM Jose Maria Aznar, King Juan Carlos and assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco, the President. The group is supposed to lose sympathy of the supporters due to their notoriety over the years.

7. Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA)

An offshoot of IRA (Irish Republican Army), the main goal of RIRA was to unite the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Before the arrest of RIRA leaders in 2001, the group has been responsible for various terrorist activities in the Republic of Ireland and the UK, targeting mainly Northern Ireland police force and British military. The most threatening attempt was the bombing of Omagh in 1998 where 220 people were injured and 29 was killed. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of Northern Ireland.

6. Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path)

Sendero Luminoso

Based in Peru, Shining Path is a communist rebel group, since 1980. They are aimed to force Peruvian government to establish Marxist government by replacing itself. They are responsible for violent attacks on peasants who support government according to them.  They conduct several brutal massacres and organize labor camps. Due to the conflict between Peru government and Shining Path, around 31000 cases of disappearances and deaths have been reported. Since leader Abimael Guzman was arrested in 1992, the terrorist group has been disabled.

5. New People’s Army (NPA)

New People’s Army

Established in the year 1969, NPA has been formed as the Communist Party of the armed wing in Philippines. It commits heinous crimes and active in rural areas. It advocates the revolution ideology of left wing people. It has been involved in attacks on mining sites, prison raid, and attacks on police, military and government informers. They claim that their actions are justified in defense of poor. But it has been called for committing extortion and violence on poor people. NPA was also behind the assassination of US Army Colonel James “Nick” Rowe in 1989 who was behind Philippine Army’s military program. The conflict between government forces and NPA caused up to 40000 deaths to date.

4. Ulster Defense Association (UDA)

In 1971, a loyalist militant group was founded in Northern Ireland in order to protect Protestants from Catholics. UDA opposes uniting the Republic of Ireland with Northern Ireland and is held responsible for 259 deaths, especially Catholics. The UDA is also called as the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF). The Greysteel massacre was the most known attack from UDA in 1993. In 1994, it declared ceasefire and didn’t stop violent attacks until 2007 when armed campaign ended it officially.

3. Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)

Lord’s Resistance Army

Since 1987, the militant cult, Lord’s Resistance Army has been operating in Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The self-proclaimed aim of the organization is to bring prosperity and peace in Uganda. But it is accused of huge number of human rights violations, such as abduction, murder, child sex slavery, mutilation, and making soldiers from the children. From September 2008 to July 2011, the group has killed over 2300 people, displaced over 400,000 and abducted around 3000 in Central Africa.

2. Aum Shinrikyo

It is a Japanese terrorist organization formed on mixed rational ideas of yoga, Christianity, Nostradamus’s prophecies as well as a lot of conspiracy concepts of Shoko Asahara in the year 1984. This rebel group is accused to conduct several brainwashing sessions with LSD, electric shocks etc. on its members. It has up to 9000 members in Japan and 40000 members across the world. It has been internationally known in 1995 after Sarin Gas attack in subway system of Tokyo, killing 13 locals and several people were injured. They were aimed to bring apocalypse.

1. Kahane Chai


Kach was an Israeli political party founded by the well known Meir Kahane in the year 1971. After assassination of Kahane, the group broke from the main fraction of Kach in 1991. It was a political party behind spreading racism for Arabs and to promote extreme Jewish supremacy. The party has been alleged for several works like conspiring, assassinating and bombing girls’ school. It has shown support for a Jewish man – Baruch Goldstein, who was responsible to kill 29 Palestinians in the year 1994.