10 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Keep You Warm In Winter Season

The onset of winter does make everyone to get their chills through their body. To survive around the cold environment that is yet to come we must make our body feel warmer and cosy. Though many warmers are available the one thing that would be amazingly great for the body is hot and warm drinks.

The following provides a list of the top 10 non- alcoholic drink that would keep us warm in winter. These drinks is suitable for people of all age group.

10) Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

 Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

  If you are a hot chocolate fan you must give a try on the delicious peanut butter hot chocolate this winter. Made with the simplest ingredients available this is one of the yummiest hot chocolates. Grab some peanut butter, cocoa powder and marshmallows to make this amazing hot chocolate that warms you up this winter. There is nothing amazingly warm this winter other than a hot chocolate. For a crunchy touch you can top this with crushed Nutella, hazelnut and marshmallows that enhances its taste and texture.

9) Vegan Matcha Latte

Vegan Matcha Latte

This amazing green looking low calorie vegan drink is the mist to taste winter hot drink this season. This vegan latte does need the simple ingredients to make namely the match a powder, gelatin, coconut milk and raw honey. Just mix one teaspoon of match a powder in boiling water, then add gelatin and stir it continuously till it becomes  smooth. Then add raw honey and coconut milk and your yummy latte is prepared to taste.

8) Homemade White Chocolate

Homemade White Chocolate

The list of top 10 winter drinks would be incomplete with this chocolatey and tasty warm white hot chocolate. To make it yourself you need milk, vanilla extract and white chocolate. This simple procedure needs you to combine these three simple ingredients together and top it with marshmallow or whipped cream to make it more delicious. This perfect hot chocolate is a must to taste this winter.

7) Alcohol free Mulled cider

Alcohol free Mulled cider

This homemade health friendly winter drink is a sugar free drink to enjoy this winter. Made from cider this a really aromatic drink that is made by slow cooking pear, oranges, apple cider vinegar and spices: cloves, lemon, allspice berries, ginger and cinnamon. This healthy drink does make a good companion during winter season. Just try and see this aromatic drink to feel the essence of it.

6) Spicy Chai Latte

Spicy Chai Latte

This spicy and aromatic drink is most preferred indigenous hot drink in India among the common man. Most of Indian shops do sell this during the winter season and does serve to be the best seller among the people. This delicious and aromatic drink is infused with cinnamon and cardamom that is aromatic but also healthy. All that you need to make this amazing body warming drink is black tea, spices – cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, black pepper corn, sugar or honey and milk.

5) Mint hot cocoa Float

Mint hot cocoa Float

This hot chocolate separates itself from the others with the addition of ice cream in it. This luscious looking hot chocolate ice cream is a must to taste this season. With the warm hot chocolate inside and melting mint chip ice cream on top with a touch of whipped cream does make it more indulgent than anything this winter. If not a big fan of mint ice cream do try the delicious peanut ice cream instead of it to make it more delicious.

4) Non- Alcoholic Eggnog

Non- Alcoholic Eggnog

 This famous drink in U.S does make a perfect drinking option this winter. With an incredible sip of this yummy homemade drink gives you warmth that is required for this season. It is a very fast recipe to make that includes a very few ingredients with the perfect touch of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. This can be preserved in refrigerator for about 3 days for future use and can be warmed in oven to be served for this perfect season.

3) Salted caramel Hot Chocolate

Salted caramel Hot Chocolate

This delicious and amazing hot chocolate is the most wanted this winter. The pair of caramel and salt is the pair made in heaven and does make a yummiest hot chocolate in the world. This homemade hot chocolate can be served with a drizzle of caramel or whipped cream that makes heaven to the power of two. Try this warm drink and disappear in paradise.

2) Cinnamon and cranberry punch

Cinnamon and cranberry punch

This amazing and healthy non-alcoholic punch is a must try this winter that makes you to warm up this season. This light drink is made with the simple ingredients at home with some fresh cranberries, cranberry juice, orange juice, lime, fresh oranges and apple juice. This juice serves to be the best party drink for the whole family this winter. This delicious drink of course is one of the best drink to try this winter.

1) Mexican Hot chocolate

Mexican Hot chocolate

 Of course winter is the season to try the best hot chocolates in the world and one such hot chocolate is the most famous Mexican hot chocolate. This spicy and delicious hot chocolate is one indulging hot chocolate to sip into. A quite large batches can be made and stored and all you need is to mix brown sugar, ground cinnamon, cocoa powder and powdered milk in a bowl and mix it and store it in a jar. Everyday instead of coffee you can add this powder to hot water or hot milk and drink it every day routinely this winter.