10 Most Stunning Buildings in the World 2017

The world is full of endless remarkable and beautiful buildings. Some of these architectural marvels are known for their amazing construction while others have history of ancient times. Some of the buildings are huge and famous for their modest design. But there are some of the modern marvels that really look amazing and glamorous in design. The construction is really very stunning that can keep you amazed. Here are the top ten most glamorous buildings you must see –

10. The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) is truly an eye-catching and marvelous complex. Lyons Architects is behind the design of this complex. The complex is well built in hexagonal shape which consists of 6 stories. The windows of the building span over the back and front facades. It is the part of Bundoora Campus of La Trobe University.

It is among the high profile and best medical institutes in Melbourne, Australia. It is a medical research institute which consists of research groups based in physical sciences (physics/chemistry), life sciences (genetics and biochemistry), and applied sciences (pharmacy). It provides graduate and undergraduate level courses in the School of Molecular Sciences. Prof. Andrew Hill leads the institute currently. Founded in 2009, the institute has two biotech companies,  AdAlta and Hexima. It has three buildings –LIMS 1 and LIMS 2 on main campus of La Trobe University, and Bendigo’s Applied Science building.

9. Shenzhen International Airport Terminal

Located in China, Shenzhen International Airport is the marvelous creation of Italian architects Doriana Fuksas and Massimiliano. It is truly an architectural wonder designed by these two famous architects. They designed Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Terminal 3 in a very wonderful and creative way. The building reflects sunlight during the daytime in its interiors.

Serving the urban area of Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen International Airport is among the three largest airports in Southern China, along with Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. It also has routes of direct ferry to Hong Kong International Airport so passengers can easily travel without custom checks and immigration and travel between two different flights.

Shenzhen International Airport provides better connectivity to cities in China at cheaper prices than Hong Kong International Airport. However, bad service in English and low long-term air connections are two major problems for international travelers.

8. Norway HQ of Statoil

The Norway Headquarter of Statoil is designed by A-Lab Architects. This award-wining complex is built in truly an amazing way. It is a marvelous complex which is built closely to the Oslo Airport, Fornebu, which is out of the city premises. The well structured transformation and dynamic design of the building led it to become the perfect business hub for global traders.

7. Heydar Aliyev Center

The Heydar Aliyev Center is architecturally well designed by Zeh Hadid, an Iraq-based architect. It is among the most amazing marvels in the world. It defines the Azeri culture in a very rich and attractive manner. The complex is very artistically designed from entrance to interiors and its folds are surfaced well.

At the heart of the building, it consists of a gallery hall, an auditorium and a museum. The building is designed to play a vital role in the city’s academic life. It plays a vital role in Baku’s redevelopment as it is placed in the heart of the city.

The building symbolizes the liquid form which is emerged by folding the natural topography of landscape and by covering the distinct functions of the center. All of the functions and entrances of the center are defined by the folds in an individual surface. With the help of this liquid form, one can easily connect several cultural spaces and provide each element with its own privacy and identity at the same time. The skin wears away to form an element of inner landscape when it folds within.

6. De Rotterdam

It is among the well built complexes in Netherland. It has got the unique and beautiful look by an architect Rem Koolhaas. It is among the largest complexes in Europe. Along with being giant, the building is also among the most stunning vertical complexes in the world. It consists of 3 multi-utility towers, commercial center, accommodation areas, conference hall, residential apartments, café and restaurants for visitors. It also has an indoor swimming pool where you can enjoy various water activities.

5. The Roof Gardens Kensington

You may call it a food point or restaurant. The Roof Gardens is known for its unique construction style. It is a romantic yet dreamy place for the visitors and the locals. It is quite expensive but the food it serves has no match in quality and taste.  The food point exudes the feeling of oasis in the daytime and you will sit in the lavish building for the dinner deal and enjoy the romantic and misty dinner. It features the stunning canvas which can truly captivate your feeling.

4. Dalian International Conference Center

It is a well designed and structured complex of China. The design of the building was well planned by one of the most popular and finest architects based in Australia, Bureau of Coop Himmelb (I). It consists of two theatres, opera house, wide parking space and exhibition hall. It is truly an architectural masterpiece designed by of Australian architects. Their creative skills, professionalism and engineering have made it possible.

3. Hutong London Bridge & Bermondsey

London is such a big city which has no dearth of choices when it comes to lodges and restaurants. However, Hutong London Bridge & Bermondsey has no alternative in terms of a glamorous and unique building. It is truly a stunning and exotic Chinese restaurant located in Northern London. Along with delicious food, the restaurant is also popular for its beautiful design. It gives the feel of being in a dreamy palace both externally and internally.

2. Hotel Parkroyal

Hotel Parkroyal is well designed by the most popular WOHA Architects. It is yet another marvelous and wonderful complex and among the best hotels in Singapore. It consists of two spacious indoor gardens, expanded parking area, indoor gymnasium, swimming pool, and luxurious guest rooms in different stories. However, the price of stay starts from $150 per night.

1. Aquarium Blue Planet

Designed by an architecture firm based in Copenhagen, 3XN, the Aquarium Blue Planet is the most stunning and largest aquarium in the world. It consists of sterling silver and appetizing whirlpools. It has very pleasant environment which is impressive enough to make you go crazy of its appearance. It is strategically located in the walking distance from Copenhagen Airport.