10 Most Interesting Facts About Snakes That Will Amaze You

Snakes, the creatures loved by some and hated by most, can be found and seen anywhere, anytime. Some of the species can be the deadliest of all due to their venom, but some can be harmless.

There is no limit for Mother Nature to surprise us with their unique creations, over time. Even simply looking creatures like snakes are apparently fascinating and mysterious. Just when we assume that we know everything about these beautiful creatures, we often come across some more bizarre things we don’t know. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most amazing facts related to snakes.

10. The House of Snakes

How terrible it is when you have to live in a house with a room full of snakes? Amber and Ben Sessions from Idaho, USA had the same experience. They bought a house at much cheaper price without any hassle. They were so excited that they didn’t try to find out why previous family left the house. The agent tricked the family by telling that the last family couldn’t pay their mortgage and made the silly snake story. Few days later, Amber and Ben heard the sound of crawling from their walls. They soon found 8 garter snakes and got to know that their house was built where snakes sleep during the winter. The couple fled from the house and went bankrupt.

9. Snake That Steals Venom from Toads

Yamakagashi or Japanese Tiger Keel back is not born with venom. Hence, they steal the venom from toads that are toxic. While chewing on toxic frogs, they store their toxin in their two nuchal glands on the back of necks. Interestingly, the venom “Bufadienolides” transfers to their fangs at the back of mouth when fighting off the predators. These snakes also modify the poison so it can be more effective. The victim may suffer breathing problems, cardiac arrests and even death in worst cases.

8. A Snake That Can Sense Your Heartbeat

Boa is a 5.5m (18 feet) long constrictor that can sense your heartbeats. In case Boa wraps you down a little and you think you can pretend to be dead to save yourself, you are wrong. According to the Dickinson College’s researchers, they used a dead rat with a device that stimulates fake heartbeats. The Boa left the victim sooner once the heartbeat is stopped completely. If it continued for up to 20 minutes, the snake found that the prey cannot be suffocated any longer and it gave up. This means the snake can feel the heart rate of the prey.

7. Species That Give Births as Virgin

Female sharks, Komodo dragons, chickens and turkeys have been found giving birth as virgin. These animals were kept behind bars.  A team of researchers studied the spawn of copperheads and cottonmouths in 2012 in North America.  They were shocked to find that up to 2.5% to 5% of pit vipers were born virgin. This phenomenon is known as facultative parthenogenesis with unknown reasons.

6. Snakes That Can Get Tied into Knots Automatically

In the year 2009, a horrible and strange virus attacked the serpents at the Steinhart Aquarium, California, and caused uncontrollable disease called “Inclusion Body Disease”. The main cause behind this infection is Arena virus that attacks the brain straight away. It causes some ill effects like swaying forth and back like an alcoholic, ceaseless vomiting,  and snakes getting tied into a large knot and rubbing against their own body. The knots cannot be untied by the snakes themselves.  The matter of relief is that the virus is not airborne and cannot spread into humans.

5. One Tribe and Giant Pythons

The Philippines’ largest island, Luzon has giant python that can weigh up to 75kg and grow up to 7 meters long. A lot of Agta men suffered snake attack with scars of attacks on the bodies. The giant pythons killed around 6 people from 1940s to 1970s, including two babies swallowed alive. According to the tribe, every Agta member killed one serpent at least, in their lifetime. Food is the main reason behind this stress between pythons and humans. Later on, the modernization let Agta men leave the forests.

4. The Village of King Cobra

Ban Kok Sa Nga is a native community in northeastern Thailand which has threatening love for snakes. They have a wooden crate having a long hissing snake outside every house. In the 1950s, the town folks were suggested by a doctor to breed snakes and start cobra show to make the village famous. Since then, they hold a snake circus annually and organize all kinds of games, which involve snakes. Cobra boxing is a common game where a handler teases the snakes and avoids its attacks. The community teaches the children to deal with snakes at very tender age and community snakes are like their pets. But snakes are not the substitute of cats or dogs. They are life threatening, above all.

3. Snakes – The Military Weapons

The Viet Cong army, in order to avoid American air strike, used tunnels to travel along the places, during the Vietnam War. When American army found that Viet army is using tunnels, they sneaked some of the deadly rats on the tunnels to hunt them down. In return, the Viet army used bamboo vipers on the tunnels that Americans use. The snakes were known as “two-step” or “One step” serpents. Once bitten, the victim walks slower until he is left to die. They kept the vipers hidden in the hollow bamboo stick.

2. A Viper That Can Turn Adult into Kid

Found in Southeast Asia, the Russell’s Pit Viper is responsible to kill thousands of people every year. Around 40 to 70 mg of venom is enough to turn blood into jelly, after which a victim may possibly die or lose libido, fertility, mental stability and become a kid. Men’s muscles may vanish, victims suffer hair loss and women’s curves may fade away. The bite of this snake causes hemorrhage, internal bleeding in the pituitary gland and hampers the production of hormone.

1. Claw Footed Snakes

Claw Footed Snakes

At West Normal University in Nanchang, China, the scientists were literally shocked to find a dead snake with a claw foot. A 66-year-old Chinese woman found and killed the snake. The autopsy results were not declared and made public. Snakes with legs are not likely to be found. The snakes once had feet ages ago can be seen with the remains of limbs and hips on the skeleton. The evolution, under favorable conditions (such as polluted ambience), can bring the power of snakes back to crawl on earth.