10 Most compelling Signs That Prove Aliens Exist

We have two different theories – Either we are alone or not alone in the universe. Both of these theories are equally horrible. Do you believe in existence of aliens? Well, this question is quite controversial yet complex.

So, let’s point out 10 different signs prove aliens exist in the universe.

10. Astronauts Claim Alien Sightings

Astronauts Claim Alien SightingsIt is believed that an astronaut cannot report to the press if they ever come across any extraterrestrial activity or a UFO. When astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White were passing through Hawaii in Gemini spacecraft in June 1965, they witnessed a strange metallic object with long arms. McDivitt took pictures but couldn’t capture what he seen clearly because of grubby windows and glare. Whether you believe the moon landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin a hoax or not, it is reported that they both seen a base of aliens on the moon to stay off and get off.

9. Near Miss with Flying Objects

Near Miss with Flying ObjectsEvery passing year, a lot of near-collisions include commercial aircrafts and UFOs seem just to grow larger. There are endless stories claim the existence of aliens. A senior airline pilot along with his first officer were flying to Manchester airport and seen a huge ‘delta-shaped’ object just at their position. These well-trained pilots almost skipped the craft and the object was almost gone.

There is another story about UFO sightings. An airline pilot had a near miss where a ‘rugby ball shaped’ UFO passed around 1 feet of his commercial jet when he was flying around Heathrow Airport. The captain reported the authorities so they investigated the incident. He was sure that the object was almost going to crash to his aircraft.

8. The Taylor Encounter

The Taylor EncounterThere is an interesting story behind it. A forester, Robert Taylor headed into the jungle with his pet on 5th November, 1979, to inspect saplings. Suddenly, he found a huge spherical object and he was shocked. The spaceship could change colors as per the environment and the exterior looked like black sandpaper. When he approached the spacecraft, he found two spiked balls attached to his legs and emitted a toxic gas and he collapsed. Later on, he woke up and found his dog barking and ship was gone. Initially, he was unable to walk or speak.

7. The “Wow” Signal

The “Wow” SignalA volunteer researcher, H. Paul Shuch, Ehman, Ohio State University, inspected data after the telescopic scan of the skies on 15th August, 1977. This type of data was gathered using IBM 1130 Mainframe PC in those days and the data was printed on perforated paper and examined manually. Ehman found something interesting. He found a vertical column that has alphanumeric code “6EQUJ5” at 10:16 pm EST. He circled the sequence with a red pen and wrote “Wow [ŌM1] !“ in the margin. According to the researches, the signal was coming from around 220 million light years away and it was very powerful.

6. NASA Cover Ups

NASA Cover UpsThe reality hidden by NASA from the public has led all of us to believe that they know very well about existence of aliens. One of such cases was that in 1971 when Dr. Edgar Mitchell was assigned in Apollo 14 space mission. He spent around 33 hours during two lunar missions on the moon. According to him, he saw several UFO visits in his career but NASA concealed each and every detail.  According to him, they use a lot more advanced technology than ours.

5. The Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Egyptian HieroglyphsA hieroglyph shows the images of submarine, helicopter, jet plane and boat even thousands of years before its invention. It caused a lot of controversy among archeologists and Egyptologists who don’t know what to say. How could people have been aware of today’s aircraft around 2 to 3 thousand years ago? According to some people, they could contact aliens, while some believe that Nibiru planet’s aliens were responsible.

4. Meteorites

MeteoritesRobert Hoover, a NASA Scientist, in 2011, claimed the existence of aliens when he found fossils of alien bugs in meteorites which fell on earth. Richard Hoover, Astrobiologist, claimed that lab tests found no evidence that can prove that those were organisms found on earth.  Three meteorites found to be one of the oldest in solar system. According to him, the deficiency of nitrogen in these samples shows that they are the leftovers of alien life forms which are formed on the parent bodies when water was there.

3. Billions of Planets in the Universe

Billions of Planets in the UniverseBecause of sheer magnitude of universe, there are many people believe that there is no chance to have another life. You have to first see the vastness of the universe. The diameter of the universe (observable) is supposed to be around 28 billion parsecs (up to 93 billion light years). This way, 1 light year is equal to 6 trillion miles. At the University of Auckland, Astronomers believe that there are 60 billion planets in the universe observed. Some experts believe that there are some alien civilizations living on planets just besides us.

2. The Men in Black

The Men in BlackDon’t confuse it with the superhit Hollywood movie series. The actual Men in Black are supposed to be the government agents who are assigned to threaten or harass alien or UFO witnesses to keep quiet on what they have seen. There’ve been several buzzes floating around them. So, the existence of aliens is still a mystery. If they are real, it is sure that there is something government doesn’t want us to know.

There are reports when people claimed that they’ve had encounters with Men in Black. A family physician, Dr. Herbert Hopkins from Old Orchard Beach, Maine, was studying a case about UFO on September 1976. A phone rang called by a representative from New Jersey UFO organizations. He asked him to talk about the UFO case. The doctor allowed him to come around. He was already in his house walking upstairs. Hopkins was literally shocked to see him in his house without knocking the door. His voice was like a machine. He started talking about the case and told him to destroy the evidences regarding the case and he left. Hopkins was almost terrified without any idea what happened to him.

1. The Battle of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los AngelesWhen United States entered World War II due to the attack from Japanese Imperial Navy on Pearl Harbor, the bombardment of Ellwood happened on that day on February 23 1942. Thousands of air raid sirens sounding across LA and total blackout was called. The artillery fire started and blackout order lifted next morning. Initially, the attack was thought to be from Japan, but the Secretary of Navy Frank Knox called it “false alarm’ at a press conference. According to some UFOlogists, the targets were actually extraterrestrial spacecrafts.