10 Most Beautiful Flowers on Earth With Pictures

Flowers are the sweetest things ever made by nature, but God forgot to put a life into.”

-Henry Beecher

God is such a wonderful artist and flowers are one of his wonderful masterpieces. Despite having very short life, flowers are undoubtedly very beautiful. Their vivid colors, beauty, and soothing fragrance can make anyone smile. An event can be made memorable with a beautiful bouquet full of sweet flowers, be it birthday, anniversary or wedding. Most of the flowers are used as an ingredient in medicines and beauty products and many flowers have their special meanings.

Roses, orchids, tulips, cherry blossoms, lotus… and the list go on and on! With so many flowers to choose from, here is the list of 10 most beautiful flowers in the world.

10. Lotus

LotusIt is the most lovely and pretty flower in the world. There are five varieties of this flower. Nelumbo Nucifera is an Indian Lotus which is the most beautiful of all Lotus flowers. So, it is found mainly in water and places where it has plenty of water around. Cool place is very important for them to grow and they come in pink color but they are centrally white. In fact, it is the national flower of India for a reason.

9. Tulip

TulipIt is very beautiful and lovely flower because it comes usually in purple color. It is one of the most charming flowers in the world listed here. Tulips have around 75 species in the world. This flower is so beautiful that it has also become the topic of poetry by several world-famous poets for hundreds of years. It is also the symbol of romance in several cultures. They are found usually on mountains and higher areas. The areas where these flowers are grown are known as the Paradise on Earth in Turkish culture and traditions due to their qualities.

8. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsThey are another beautiful variety but very rare. They are found usually in icy areas and snow-capped regions. They are grown only in the months of March and April. These flowers are as beautiful as their name. Basically, they are found in Himalayan Ranges and locally found in Japan. They have eventually been distributed to the whole Northern Hemisphere because of their popularity. They are usually white and pink color and cultivated in various shapes and qualities. A lot of poets are inspired by their beauties and wrote a lot of poems on their beauty.

7. Orchids

OrchidsThere are whopping 25000 varieties of orchids found in the world. These are fancy and very beautiful flowers. The best part of its plant is that it can easily match up any environmental condition so it is found all around the world. With its unique colors and well crafted petals, orchids are well known among flower lovers and florists across the world. Some orchids even have 30” petals and weigh around a ton.

6. Calla Lily

Calla LilyCalla Lily is truly a symbol of beauty and magnificence. This flower is very beautiful and magnificent. This flower is really very beautiful and is used widely in bouquets, flower arrangements and decoration. These flowers are found widely in South Africa. They are sculptured well and available in different colors, such as yellow, purple, pink and shades of green.

5. Water Lily

Water LilyLilies are really gorgeous flower varieties. Water lilies are frown with floating lily pads (foliage mats). It lasts around 3 days and replaced. They come in different fragrant colors.

4. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate CosmosAs the name implies, Chocolate Cosmos is very sweet and beautiful variety. They are most loved and appreciated varieties as they are so rare in the world that we haven’t seen it everywhere. If you find these flowers around you somewhere in the world, you should feel yourself lucky because they are very beautiful and pretty flowers. As the name suggests, the flower comes in chocolaty color and fragrance is like vanillin scent. It is the most expensive and rare flower too.

3. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding HeartThe flower is named after its shape which looks like something is bleeding and color is red too. The flower has got so dramatic look that it has impressed a lot of poets across the world. It hails from poppy family of flowers. It is native to Korea and China because of its beautiful and romantic appearance.

2. Plumeria

PlumeriaPlumeria is one of the sweetest flowers in the world you can smell ever. It has very sweet and light smell. You will be urged to smell it over and over again because of its exceptionally sweet aroma.

1. Rose

RoseThe symbol of love and romance, Rose definitely needs no introduction. Up to 100 species of rose are found in the world and each of them has different meanings. Red rose is the most beautiful of all other species.