10 Interesting Facts About Movember Every Man Should Know

Movember is all about growing a mustache in the month of November in order to raise awareness about various cancers affecting people and especially men. It is a foundation which was started globally as a charity for creating men’s health awareness. Mo is short for Moustache and Vember for November as it is held in the month of November. Awareness of cancers such as prostate  and other health complications including mental health, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention, is normally on a high during this time. The Movember issue, in general, is all about making men and other people around them, be aware of men’s health. It is all about stopping men from dying when they are still young due to health complications. It is a global charity which takes men’s health with the seriousness it deserves.

Movember Rules


Once you register with the foundation, there are rules to follow the entire November

  • On 1st of November, make sure you have a clean shave
  • After that, you are supposed to tame your mustache the whole of November without shaving a hair
  • You should not grow beards
  • You do not have to join the beards with the handlebars

Here are some top 10 facts about Movember that every man is supposed to know

10. Ancient Egypt Golden beards

In ancient Egypt, noble and high ranking men plaited with golden thread after dying them. A symbol of thesovereign was acquired by having fake metal beards which they referred to as postiches.  The postiche was only meant for royal cows, queens, and kings.

9. Werewolf Syndrome

This is a situation where both women and men covered in  acoat of hair. Men will have a thick coat of hair which covers their entire body while women were garnished in a light medium coat.

8. The Wisdom of Beards

Since time immemorial, growing beards have been considered as a symbol of wisdom. Check out the photographs of philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Shakespeare , and Hadrian, – they were all bearded. They had a special saying that you lose your beard and your soul is lost too.

7. Woman With The Longest Beard

The longest bearded woman title was held by Vivian Wheeler of Wood River, Illinois, USA. After her mother died in 1990, she grew up a beard with the longest strand from the follicle to the tip of the hair measuring 11 inches in 2000.

6. License to Beard

Russians were encouraged by Peter the Great who was enamored by the western ways to shave clean as he charged a tax of 100 rubles yearly on noblemen who decided to keep it. They were then given a medallion to carry which acted as a license for the beard and the inscription on it were  that a beard is a useless burden to carry.

5. A Beard Can Be A Compass

If you sprinkle metal shavings into any beard and then slightly dampen it, it will automatically turn into a compass. So rest assured that in November, you will have a mobile compass for you.

4. Alexander The Great Beardless Warrior

During hand to hand combat, beards were dangerous. This made Alexander the Great to make sure that all his soldiers had shaven clean before going out to the battle of Ardela.

3. Longest Beard on A Living Person

In 1997, the beard of Shamsher Singh of Punjab was measured and found out to be 6 feet long from the end of the  chin to the tip. So far, this is the longest beard that has ever been measured.

2. Fidel and CIA Castro’s Beard

Fidel Castrol’s public image  was to be ruined by the CIA in the 1960s by making his beard fall out. The idea was to insert thallium salts in his shoes when they were put out to shine. Thallium is a chemical which is normally used by women as a depilatory. This plot was never carried out anyway.

1. Downside

Movember is a good cause, but the downside is, at the end of it all, you will eventually have to shave off your mustache. This you will do using a razor blade and there will be some pain of course

The vision of Movember is achieved as an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health is achieved.  Since it was conceived, it has attracted over 1.1 million men who are normally referred to as Mo Bros. And if you are a woman and you are supporting the cause of your Mo Bro be it a husband, a brother or a cousin, you will be referred to as a Mo Sista. Don’t get shocked when you walk around and find, thousands of men with bushy faces; just remember it is a Movember month and men have to do what they need to do – keep their mustache clean and growing. This has made millions to be raised to aid in combating the testicular and prostate cancer in men all over the world. Share this to spread the word so that millions more can join for this able cause.