10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Support Bernie Sanders In US Election 2016

Apart from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, another candidate for the coming US Presidential elections is Bernie Sanders. This coming November 8, 2016, the registered voters in the entire United States of America will choose one of these 3 presidential candidates, whom they think extremely deserving for the presidential position. Clinton and Trump are getting a number of supports from famous Hollywood celebrities. However, Sanders is also getting great support from numerous big and famous personalities, and 10 of them are the following:

10. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is a 43-year-old American former singer, movie producer, and actress. He rose to great prominence because of her top rated television shows such as Charmed, Who’s the Boss?, Melrose Place, and Mistresses. He was born in the neighborhood of Bensonhurst in the US state of New York. The question is, do you know that she is loyally supporting Bernie Sanders? Yes, and it can be confirmed by her tweet that goes, “I’m officially endorsing Bernie Sanders. I love him. #FeelTheBern

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9. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is a 48-year-old English actor who also managed to be extremely popular in Hollywood. Even though he is not an American, he still supports and endorses Bernie Sanders to become the new President of the United States of American. As a matter of fact, he donated $47,300 for the candidacy expenses of Sanders. This is according to the report of the Center for Public Integrity.

8. Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Alan Ruffalo is a 48-year-old American movie producer, actor, social activist, humanitarian, and director. With so many things that he does, it is no longer surprising why he is extremely popular in Hollywood, and his great support to Bernie Sanders is really a big thing to the US Presidential candidate. His support to Sanders can be confirmed by his tweet that says, “@BernieSanders is preferred 2-1 by young people because they know his means what he says.”

7. Gaby Hoffman

Gaby Hoffmann

Gabriella Mary “Gaby” Hoffman is a 34-year-old American television and film actress who loyally supports Bernie Sanders for his fight in the US Presidential elections. She became extremely famous due to her excellent roles in several American television series such as Girls, Transparent, and Sleepless in Seattle. Gaby is helping in campaigning Bernie Sanders. In fact, went to the US state of Nevada for the campaign of the said US Presidential candidate.

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a 23-year-old American actress, songwriter, and singer who was born in Franklin, Tennessee and she is now living in Los Angeles, California. Miley is such a big supporter of the LGBT Community, and Bernie Sanders is also supporting the said community. This is one big reason why Miley is supporting Sanders in the US Presidential race. She said to her Twitter account, “He has been a badass in supporting the LGBT community. I feel the bern.” “Bern” simply means for Bernie Sanders.

5. Danny Glover

Danny Glover

Danny Glover is a 70-year-old American actor, political activist, and movie director. He was born in San Francisco, California and he is a bonafide voter in the United States. He mainly supports Bernie Sanders because of the US Presidential candidate’s great concern to the black community. Danny stated, “Sanders’ campaign is a mass justice movement and his presidency could serve the policy interests of the Black community.”

4. Jena Malone

Jena Malone

Jena Malone is a 31-year-old American musician and actress, who was born in the city of Sparks in the US state of Nevada. Jena is very proud to say that he is such a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. In fact, he said to her Instagram account, “We are voting for #berniesanders because his political beliefs represent the kind of political revolution I have only been able to dream about in past elections. ”

3. David Crosby

David Crosby

Another very famous Hollywood celebrity who supports Bernie Sanders in his US Presidential campaigns is David Crosby. He is a 75-year-old American singer-songwriter who is being captivated by the advocacies and platforms of Sanders. His great support to the US Presidential candidate can be confirmed by his tweet to his Twitter account that goes, “I love it thatBernie Sanders is pulling huge crowds against all odds and expectations somehow I always love underdogs I liked him anyway.”

2. Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

Who would not know about Josh Hutcherson? He became very famous because of his roles in the most watched Hollywood movie, Hunger Games. The actor is publicly endorsing the Vermont senator (Sanders). He even spoke out in the rally in Iowa, and endorse Sanders to the people to be voted this coming US Presidential elections.

1. Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

Margaret Moran Cho is a 47-year-old American singer-songwriter, author, fashion designer, actress, and comedian who is very proud to say that she is supporting Bernie Sanders. She is a very influential woman, so it will be very advantageous for Sanders. She said to her tweet on her Twitter account, “@BernieSanders This country needs you desperately. Please let me know what I can do. #FeelTheBern

These are the 10 celebrities who support Bernie Sanders in US Election 2016. It just goes to show that Sanders has bigger chance of winning the US Presidential race, just like the other two candidates.