10 Best Paranormal Games That Are Not For Faint Hearted

Have you done with playing boring common games? Looking to do something thrilling and exciting? Why not try these spooky games yourself and see what you can do? There is no need to be afraid to play such games. If you are a thrill seeker, you are all set to go. Whether you want to explore the supernatural edge or try to avoid them, it’s just up to you. This game is all fun till you feel that you are playing with an evil entity or demon.

Here are the top 10 spookiest games that will chill you to the bone.

10. Closet Game

Closet Game

The Closet Game is based to call not only a ghost or spirit, but also a demon. All you have to go to the pitch-black closet, hold an unlighted torch, and utter “Show me the light or let me sit in the dark”. Once you hear any whispering, just light the match quickly.  In case you are failed to light the match just away once you hear the whisper, it is believed that something will catch you from behind and take you to the endless darkness. In case you turn around to see what’s going on behind you, it would happen too.  Open the closet door using lit match at hand and step outside eventually, if any of such flaws don’t happen.

9. Three Kings

Three Kings

The game enjoyed popularity quite frequently. It is believed that the game lets the player to access another edge. You will need a large room to play the game, especially a basement without a flash of light. You will need two large mirrors, a pack of candles, three chairs and any toy from your childhood. Set everything up and leave the door open, go to the bedroom and set the alarm for 3:30 am sharp before snooze off. In case alarm gets off at sharp 3:30am and things stayed as is in the basement, proceed with this game. Be seated at the chair at sharp 3:33am with lighted candle. Keep the flame of candle on and secure it from the fan with your body. Look ahead into the dark and never look into the candle or mirrors. You will hear and feel the presence.

8. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

It is a folklore legend and supposed to be the vengeful spirit of witch. To call her, just tell “Bloody Mary” 3 times in front of the mirror and hold the lighted candle. All you need to wait for a blooded woman to appear. According to some participants, you may need to endure her wrath, such as getting cursed, strangled or getting your souls taken. However, a few people showed their disappointments due to the lack of thrilling occurrences.

7. Elevator to another World

Elevator to another World

Originated from Korea, the game may supposedly take you to another world through an elevator. All you need to look for a building with 10 or more floors and an elevator. Before you start the ritual, be sure that no one else using the lift along with you. Get inside and use 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo on its buttons. A woman would enter on the 5th floor. Never speak to her and avoid looking at her. Thereafter, press the button to the first floor. Here, the lift will take you to 10th floor rather than going down to first. On 10th floor, you may explore another world. She will ask where you are going. Don’t answer her. Just walk around and get back to the real world by taking the same elevator with same combo. In case you pass out in this game, you may walk up at your home. Be sure to look around as it may not be the same home.

6. One-Man Hide & Seek

One-Man Hide & Seek

It is a Japanese paranormal game where you can play hide and seek against a doll possessed by a spirit. All you have to take a stuffed doll, remove its stuffing, and put the rise and your fingernail in it. Sew its opening with red thread and cover the rest of thread on the doll. Give it a name, put it in the tub full of water and go to the hiding place.  Turn the lights off and put on the TV. Take saltwater in your mouth without swallowing it. Get off your hiding place and search the doll, which is usually not in the tub now. After finding the doll, pour your saltwater on it, let it to dry and burn it and remove the remains. See the static in the TV on the game as it may warn you about the unwanted visitors around you.

5. The Hooded Man

The Hooded Man

Like Elevator, this game also takes you to another world. You have to burn the sage and spread salt on front door. Go to the room at night where you can have a telephone. Call the cab. In case you succeed, you will find a black cab outside. Sit on the empty back sit, lock the door, and go to sleep. In case you awaken at sharp 3:30am, you may fall asleep for next time. You will wake up on an unknown highway and a Hooded Man will be seen behind the wheels. Other passengers may sit with you. Never look at them. To finish the ride, get closer to Hooded Man and whisper that you have reached your destination. You will fall asleep again and wake up at your home.

4. Midnight Game

Midnight Game

It is yet another popular game. If you didn’t find any of the above games interesting and looking to taste the extreme, try this dangerous game. You can easily find the instructions to play this game online. All you have to call the Midnight Man and walk around your home without getting caught by him. You have to avoid him until 3:33am to win the game.

3. Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Like One Man Hide & Seek, you also have to play hide and seek, but with a demon, not a doll. You need a bathroom with a candle, mirror and some matches. Start the game at sharp 12:01am. Be sure that you are alone and close all the windows and doors of your home. Look at your reflection in the mirror and feel the noise of your surroundings. In case you hear something, get out of the house quickly as the demon is already there. If it is totally silent, think of something you need as a prize. Be sure to wish something which is not harmful to anyone.

2. Daruma-san


It is a popular Bath Game in which you have to call a ghost which will follow you all day to catch you. To call the ghost, go to the bathroom before sleep, get yourself naked, fill the bathtub with water and turn the lights off. Get into the tub and put yourself in front of faucet. Close your eyes and wash your hair and chant “Daruma-san fell down” again and again.

1. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

Here you have to summon the spirit of a little girl, Charlotte Webster from the 1400s whose mother was burned at stake as she was accused to be a witch.